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Meet Our New Director of International Affairs


02.04.14 - Amell AlexAlex Robredo loves his job; and who could blame him?  As Director of International Affairs and coordinator of Rush Soccer’s REACH program, his job combines the perfect mix of the game he loves and helping others develop a passion for it.   Robredo is a lifelong soccer player and desires to help young players fall in love with the sport regardless of economic status.  

For many children, the ever increasing cost of equipment prohibits them from participating. They simply cannot afford to buy uniforms, cleats, shin guards and the like.  Enter Rush International’s REACH program which stands for “Rush Equipment Assisting Children.”  In 2013 alone, the REACH program donated around 24,000 pieces of gently used equipment to kids in need both locally and around the world.

When Robredo moved to Colorado from his home country of Spain, he wanted to stay engaged with the sport.  He set out to find a soccer program with which to be involved and chose to be a part of the Rush family.  Not only does Rush have an “incredible program,” they also take great interest in community welfare.  It was evident to Robredo the Rush staff care for players both on and off the field.  

He smiles as he describes how “incredibly fun” it is to be in many places at once.  From his Colorado office, Robredo fields phone calls from clubs in various countries seeking assistance procuring equipment.  He gets to be “a little bit everywhere” as he receives calls of thanks from players in Kenya one moment and Brazil or Cameroon the next.  Rush has representation in over 25 countries.  Robredo admits they may not be able to “help everyone, but try to assist as many as possible.”

That’s where you come in! Donated equipment comes from local U.S. clubs.  When kids outgrow their uniforms, cleats, shin guards, etc. they can donate them to the REACH program.  In fact, donating your old uniform not only helps a child in another country, Rush provides a $20 rebate on your new uniform as well.  The REACH program also partners with other organizations like, One World Futbol.  When someone purchases a One World futbol (that’s a soccer ball to us Yanks!) they donate another ball to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide. 

Rush soccer President and CEO, Tim Schulz regards, “Alex is a great addition to the staff.  He is a “Barca” fan who knows all about passion.  You see it in his work.  He is perfect to bridge our U.S. based Rush Clubs with our International Rush Clubs.  I am excited about the future.”

Alex was an intern in 2013 for 9 months.  January of 2014, he became full time with the club.  We created the position as the need to give attention to the International component of Rush grew exponentially.  He is responsible for bridging Rush Soccer to the International clubs implementing the methodologies and philosophies.   Another main part of Dir. of International Affairs is to grow the R.E.A.C.H. (Rush Equipment Assisting Children)

For more information on the REACH program visit: and search “programs/events.”  Together, we can make a difference.

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