Rush in Delaware!

flag of delaware

Hockessin Soccer Club, HSC (DE) has officially  become the  Delaware Rush.  Yesterday, HSC President Fritz Krussman officially signed the Licensing & Sevices Agreement to make this the 26th U.S. based partnerFritz states,  "For the past 21 years, Hockessin Soccer Club has continually worked to find ways to improve the soccer experience for our membership. We feel that the affiliation with Rush Soccer is the next step in that evolution of Hockessin Soccer, and now Delaware Rush, to provide our players with opportunities to play at every level."

The east coast is a hotbed for soccer with Delaware being in the middle of the pushing and shoving.  States like PA, NJ and MD have always produced top clubs and top players.  The clubs in and around these state are very aggressive in there recruiting and they make no bones about it.

HSC Staff member and former employee of Michigan Rush, Andy Vanover first introduced the potential merger introducing both clubs a little over three months ago.  "We do suffer attrition to other clubs in other states (FC Delco – PA, Baltimore Bays – MD).  I feel this is a big step for us.  Our club does develop high level players and now we need to hold them."  delaware

Located on the nothern most part of the State of Delaware about 20 minutes southwest of Philadelphia, the Delaware Rush, with over 2,500 members, will phase in the Rush Way Methodology over time.  The Rush have developed a certain philosophy that helps clubs in areas, such as playing opportunities, coaching education, human resources, sponsorships and more.  Change does not occur overnight, the process is steady and methodical.

This is a big step for our corporation," says Tim Schulz, President & C.E.O of Rush Soccer. "Typically clubs that are rated 5th, 6th and below in there respective states reach out to us.  HSC is number one and that is unusual.  I am elated.  We are going to do good things together."

02.24.12 - scott mosierScott Mosier (pictured), Technical Director of HSC says, "Rush Soccer provides our club with immediate club identity, economies of scale and a level of professionalism that goes with the brand. We feel that Rush soccer would give us the push in the right direction not only to retain our level of state dominance, but push us in a direction of regional and national success."

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