Loupee To Play Pro in Iceland!

02.28.15-Loup1With hard work and dedication players can reach their dreams. Kelsey Loupee is one of those players that has always been dedicated to the game, always looking for the next challenge. It’s due to this attitude towards reaching the next level that Kelsey is now getting an opportunity to play professional soccer in Europe. After graduating this spring, from Virginia Tech, Kelsey will head to Iceland to play for KR (short for Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur which translates to Reykjavik Soccer Club) women’s professional team. KR is the oldest club in Iceland, it’s over 116 years old (established in 1899). KR has developed many professional players that have gone on to play in the biggest European leagues.  KR plays in Iceland’s top division, the Pepsi League.

One might think that Iceland isn’t strong in women’s soccer. Iceland has been moving up the women’s FIFA ranks, recently reaching as high as number 13, and currently in the number 20 spot.  Not bad for a country with only about 320,000 people!

02.28.15-Loup2Kelsey didn’t have any plans on continuing playing after college, especially not professionally. When visiting Colorado during this last holiday break she was refereeing in a tournament when she ran into a former coach of hers. During Kelsey’s development playing time with the Rush she was coached by Gudmundur Jonsson, a native of Iceland, who played for KR. Gudmundur has coached for KR as well as 15 years in the developmental program for Colorado Rush. Gudmundur asked Kelsey about her plans after her graduation this spring and if she had any desire to play soccer after college. It didn’t take long for Kelsey to contact Gudmundur and express her desire to play more soccer if there was an opportunity. Gudmundur contacted KR and the ball started rolling quickly.  The KR coach, Björgvin Karl Gunnarsson, did his homework on Kelsey through game film and presented Kelsey with a contract to play for KR! And now another Rush player is on their way to reach their dream.

With Kelsey’s work ethics, her core values that align with the Rush core values, and her incredible dedication and skills she will make an immediate impact on her new team.