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Rush Travel LogoThe Rush Travel program was established in 2011 with one goal in mind: to save you time and money.

Team managers are an essential part of our club's success, and without a motivated team manager a team can truly suffer. 

Rush Soccer understands the many responsibilties expected of our volunteer managers - the list is long without the added burden of planning out of state tournament travel for your team. 



Here's where our travel program can help your team travel more efficiently and free up your team manager's precious time!

  • Group flight arrangements
  • Discount, tax exempt ground transportation - LDW insurance INCLUDED automatically!
  • Group hotel accommodations
  • Comprehensive travel packet 
  • On call during your travel
  • Ongoing advice from our extensive knowledge of the travel industry
  • ...Take advantage of our exclusive partnerships that save you money!

I need...Ground Transportation (Van + Car Rentals)


Rush Soccer is partnered with Avis / Budget to provide deep discounts on the vehicle classes your traveling team will actually use.  

Save money with these great benefits by booking your own rentals with the buttons provided - it is quick, easy and free.

12PASSThere are two reservation links, ONE is for 12 Passenger vans ONLY and the other is for all other vehicle classes. Avis / Budget use different corporate numbers for 12 passenger vans, so we therefor have a different link for that class.



Save MORE on Car & Van rentals with our EXCLUSIVE rates from Avis and Budget!

Reserve your minivan! Use Avis AWD number H967700 or Budget BCD number D436400)

Or, reserve your 12 Passenger Vans! (Avis AWD number H967702 or Budget BCD number D436402.)

There are countless benefits to using our partnership, including but not limited to: 

  • Tax exemption (click here to download our 501c3 form, present to local counter. FOR RUSH SOCCER USE *ONLY*)
  • Included LDW insurance (protects against vehicle damage & theft)
  • Low ceiling rates on the vehicle classes you actually USE (large vans, minivans, SUVs)
  • Unlimited mileage when you pick up and return to the same location
  • Free reservations (no up front commitment)
  • Quit requiring your chaperones to use their personal cards! We have a prepay option that allows your drivers to sign & drive, no payment required at the counter

Alternatively, you can submit a request and a Rush Travel employee will help assess and fulfill your team's needs. 

I need...Flights (Group Travel of 10+ Passengers)

FlightButtonPlease visit the CONTACT link below to contact us about your team's group flight. 

Note: Rush Travel no longer books individual tickets. If you have a group of 10+ (will possibly consider less) we can help ease the pain of booking group travel.

  • Delayed payment may be available, inquire with us to find out if you qualify
  • We hunt down the best prices for your team
  • We can collect payment directly from each parent, eliminating more work for you
  • Our industry experts are on a first-name basis with some airlines!

I need...Hotel (Group Hotel Blocks)


Another of Rush Travel's specialties is securing large blocks of rooms for teams, and handling all the necessary work to ensure your team checks in and out as smoothly as possible.

It is no easy task arranging safe accommodations for a large group. Luckily our experts are comfortable with the process and can seamlessly handle:

  • Locating a safe and affordable property
  • Contract negotiation and signing
  • Due date reminders
  • Rooming list management
  • Pre-pay plans available! 


PSELooking for tournament housing solutions? Rush Travel is currently partnered with the industry leaders, Pse. If you are a Rush club representative who thinks your hosted tournament could benefit from Pse's cutting edge technology and customer service, please use the "Contact" link below! Send us an email, we will set you up with a dedicated Pse representative. 

Who the Travel Progam is for

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Who the Travel Progam is for & How it Works

Plain & simple: this program is for people who value their time.

Travel planning for a large group is harder than most realize. Since you are likely a volunteer parent, we understand your time is valuable and want to alleviate your efforts whever possible.

Step 1 > Your coach informs the team of which tournaments you will be attending in the upcoming season(s). Naturally, you are asked to help coordinate the travel efforts. This includes getting player commitments, procuring guest player information and all sensitive passenger data, arranging chaperones, securing flights, finding hotel accommodations, collecting payment, reserving vans, paying out monies to all parties, etc. TOO MUCH!

Step 2 > You reach out to Rush Travel, providing all the items you need help with and information about your team needs and the event you are attending. 

Step 3 > Rush Travel puts their industry knowledge to work and gets in touch with their contacts to get you the best rates on flights, hotels and vans. 

Step 4 > Our travel experts will coordinate with you on details regarding payment, schedules, due dates, etc. The goal is to find your team's PERFECT FIT in every aspect of travel.

Step 5 > Sit back and wait! We have calendar reminders set up for both our sake - next time a there's an important due date for anything needed from you, we will send you a reminder well in advance!

I need to...Enter or Upload Passenger Information 

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I need to...Enter or Upload a Rooming List

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Some FAQ's

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Travel App

Coming soon! We are in the process of developing a state-of-the-art smart phone app, so you can access all your important travel information in one secure & convenient spot!



Contact Rush Travel

To get started, download our service agreement form.
Indicate your desired services, sign and return to:
Feel free to email us for general inquiries at the email address above. Enjoy the ride!

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