Safety Week: Health & Nutrition...and Drugs!

NutritionWelcome to Rush Management and Safety Week. Rush is dedicating seven consecutive articles, one per day, to be posted on the web regarding Risk Management and Safety. This is article 7 of 7.

The Rush has dedicated large amount of content on the topic of good eating habits. What to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, etc. Taking care of your temple is vital if you are going to play sports. It is just something do.

Coaches and Parents, all of the above content is great but if we fail to mention smoking and the illegal use of drugs, we are failing in our responsibility as leaders. This is common sense but needs to be addressed. We as coaches, leaders and parents <300 11> must ask players to be strong and courageous. Coaches, dedicate five minutes of your practice discussing this topic. Without being too dramatic, it may save someone’s life.

Players: If you are a player reading this,  be a leader and stay away from smoking and the usage of drugs. We as athletes can put in up to 6 miles in a 90 minute game, twisting, turning, sprinting, falling. All this energy requires a sound mind and body! Not only is this bad for you, we have the right to excuse you from being part of the team. This behavior<140 10> is unacceptable.