Safety Week: Emotional Harm

bad coachWelcome to Rush Safety Week. Rush is dedicating 7 consecutive articles, one per day to Risk Management. This is article 5 of 7. 

This topic is very easy to write about, <emotional harm > What we say can change lives. We? That is everyone in the Rush: players, coaches, moms, dads and staff. Every one of us can and will contribute to another’s growth and success. Instead of writing what we should not do, let’s focus on what to do.

This is so simple, but yet not common practice. This is about building emotional strength and fortitude. We need confident, tough athletes.

Coaches: Are you aware of our <4:1 ratio 115 65>? This means when you are working with the players, every utterance that spews from your mouth should be ratio’ed out as 4 good things to say to every one instructional. Be sincere, brief and frequent. We need to have high <standards of conduct (300 09)> and portray them both verbally and non-verbally.

Players: Learn to build your team-mates. You want to win games and enjoy each-others company?... build each-others self-esteem. Small, short comments. You will be a very valuable asset to your team, your future college team and to your corporation. Bosses love inspirational people.

Parents: Let your son/daughter on a daily basis know what good things they are doing. You want to build a successful human being, it starts at home.   Coaches only have limited time with the athletes, it takes a village to raise a child. When applied at the right time in the right way, YOU play an instrumental role in their success. Don’t get us wrong, admonishment and discipline need to be applied in the right measure as well.

The Rush is doing awesome, awesome things. Our goal is to be one of the finest clubs on the planet. It starts with our attitude that permeates through the ranks and penetrates our thoughts. Stay Positive!

Our eighth <125 113 - RUSH CORE VALUES.doc> core value states: Safety: Our work place is safe. This includes the office, our travels, the fields and our bodies. Safety is not only physical safety from harm but safe from ridicule and attack.   We are comforted and encouraged in the club. We portray self control and kindness in the work place to our staff, our colleagues and players.