child-safetyWelcome to Rush Management and Safety Week. is dedicating the next seven consecutive articles, one per day, to be posted on the web regarding Risk Management and Safety.  This is article 1 of 7.

Crimes Against Children.  Rush would like its members to know that a large amount of effort is made to ensure a safe environment to its members with the intent to eliminate any loss, damage or harm.  “Crimes against the players have gone on in the past and they will happen in the future,”  Tim Schulz, President & C.E.O. of Rush Soccer says.  “We cannot eliminate this horrific act, but we must minimize it.  Safety to our players is paramount.  Nothing takes more of a precedence in our club.” 

This should alert all of us; staff, volunteers, coaches and parents.  We need to be aware and on the look-out.  All of Rush Soccer require a background check for anyone working with children.  “The background check is adhered to, but the convicted criminal (  does not sign up actively as a coach,”  Schulz adds.  “The predator is the helper at the training session or the assistant that covers when the Head Coach is out of town for the week.  The predator is working their way into the team building confidence.” 

Most crimes are done outside the clubs scheduled events.  The crimes or potential crimes are committed during extra-curricular events such as a privately scheduled training session or a ski trip, a ride home after a team movie and the perpetrator is alone with the victim. 

Message to Parents: take notice of who your children are spending time with, investigate there text communications, view their social media activity (, view their cell phone calls, monitor their free time.  Stay in touch with your child’s life outside of the regularly scheduled soccer events.

By law a coach or someone of entrusted in authority is required to report ( to the police someone suspected of child abuse.  So, authority figures, if we suspect someone is abusing a child, report it!

Leaders of the club, you should conduct an educational class once a year on child abuse.

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Coming Tomorrow: Internet Safety