Internet SafetyWelcome to Rush Management and Safety Week. Rush is dedicating seven consecutive articles, one per day, to be posted on the web regarding Risk Management and Safety. This is article 2 of 7.


Internet Safety

2013 03.26 - There will be predators on our site with the intent to committing crimes against our players. The predator will break in our system and attempt to lure a child into trust with the intent to harm them. This is a scary statement and I hope this frightens all of us into action. The intent of this opening statement is to communicate reality, install security measures and educate our members. We must make the protection of our players our first priority in the club. Nothing is more important.

We have put up several securities to prevent intruders on to our website. Just as important, if not more, is educating our children on appropriate interactions and safety tips. To think that social networking should be eliminated is a naive statement.

Coaches, don’t do a 180 and discontinue all communications with your players and their personal lives! There is no doubt a good coach should care about his/her players beyond techniques and tactics. In fact, our mission statement summarized says "We teach life lessons through the game of soccer." Understanding and empathizing with a player’s personal life can be a balancing act. For example, we should have an idea about their grades, possibly if there was death in the family, some pertinent medical history. All of this must be done at a surface level. Texting today is just another form of acceptable communication, but too many texts are misleading, unfair and confusing. And for some predators, texting is a way to create another level of confidence.

Lastly, as leaders and people put in positions of authority, we have a legal obligation to report reasonable suspicion of suspected criminal activity. If approached by a minor who confides in you about inappropriate or illegal behavior, you must report this to the police. Boys Town is a company that the Rush has partnered with for assistance pertaining to this topic with a 24/7 national hotline.