Kuhlmann Returns from U15 National Camp, Boade Nearly Healthy Again

04.29.14 - Kulmann National CampCivana Kuhlmann returned this weekend from 7 days at U15 US Youth National Team camp. As this article is written, Civana sits at home in Colorado catching up on homework. We decided to let her focus on her studies and inquire of her parents. After speaking with Civana’s mom and dad, Danel and Chris, they shared this of her experience, "As parents, we're proud that she has maintained her studies while enduring a rigorous soccer schedule, they said. "After her demanding U17 National Team experience for the World Cup qualifier, she has worked very hard to prepare for these next opportunities. We're happy and excited for her!

Following up with her ECNL team coach, Cam Bushey, he had this to add of Civana (pictured at right with U15 National Coach BJ Snow). 

“Well, you can look at stats, rankings or things like this, but in the end, what says the most about an athlete, I think, is their spirit, character and willingness to work. Civana is willing to balance and make sacrifices to allow her to have the opportunities she’s gotten. She’s got a real spirit for the game, and when adversities have come around, she has stuck to her goals. Yes, she’s got loads of talent, but I’ve heard it said before- ‘hard work beats talent, unless talent works.’ I’m very confident in Civana because she is willing to be an industrious and responsible young kid. When a player is such a threat as Civana is game in and game out, people will notice, 04.29.14 - Kuhlmann at National Camp 2but from there, what will they notice next? I hope Civana will continue to allow people to see the product of her work. Actually, I hope that for each player in our Club” 

Theresa “Tess” Boade was also invited to this camp, but she could not attend due to an untimely hamstring pull. She is getting close to returning to feeling 100% again. When we asked how she was feeling, she stated frankly, “I’m not sure if I could give it a percentage, but if I were to put it on a 1-10 scale I would say 7 or 8.” Coach Cam chuckled and remarked, “Math is hard, but we are looking forward to having Tess back to full-strength. I know she is anxious to put the jersey on again and play after missing our San Diego event and National Team Camp. She’s been really responsible in her recovery.”