PHX Rush Host One World Futbol/Chevrolet Soccer Clinic

04.05.14 - Phoenix 1

Phoenix Rush and Chevrolet hosted a One World Futbol ball drop for more than 215 local Hispanic and under privileged youth soccer players at Phoenix College on Sunday, March 30. Deserving youth soccer players from Lowell and Herrera Elementary Schools, which reside within the urban core of Phoenix, benefited from the free soccer clinic and donation.

"Phoenix Rush was so excited to be a part of such a great program," said Laila Modi, Technical Director of Phoenix Rush. "We share the same philosophy as Chevrolet, that kids around the world are afforded opportunities to play this "beautiful" game. Here, at Phoenix Rush, we believe in the spirit of sportsmanship, the electricity of competition, and the importance of pure enjoyment that soccer has to offer. We are firmly committed to ensuring that all kids here in Phoenix have the chance to experience the joy of taking the field with their friends and teammates."  

04.05.14 - Phoenix 2The Phoenix initiative is part of Chevrolet’s partnership with One World Futbol Project;Chevrolet has pledged to donate and support the distribution of 1.5 million One World Futbols over three years. Since May 2012, Chevrolet-branded One World Futbols have been distributed across five continents impacting millions of children. 

“With the support of Phoenix Rush, we continue to apply our global partnership with One World Futbol Project at the local level,” said Mike Weidman, Chevrolet National Promotions Manager. “By bringing these initiatives together, we can continue to empower positive experiences in communities all over the world, share the love of soccer in communities across the U.S, and transform the lives of children through the power of play.”

One World Futbol Project distributes One World Futbols to disadvantaged communities, where play can be used to teach life skills and foster social change.