Lucky 13 at Delaware State Cup!

On Sunday, June 1st, Delaware Rush claimed it's dominance of the DYSA State Cup by winning 8 State Cup Championships.  With the club capturing 5 titles earlier in the year, the club was able to add to it's total by winning a record number 13 of 16 State Cup Championships. 

The club is very proud of this accoplishment and will look forward to attending the USYS Region 1 Championships in Rhode Island later this month.  Congratulations to the following teams:  U12 Boys Rush, U12 Girls Rush, U13 Boys Rush, U13 Girls Rush, U14 Boys Rush, U14 Girls Rush, U15 Boys Rush, U15 Girls Rush, U16 Girls Rush, U17 Girls Rush, U18 Boys Rush, U18 Girls Rush, U19 Boys Rush

With the club winning 13 State Championships, the Rush will continue to strive to be the top club in Delaware and look to add some Regional Hardware to it's trophy case in Rhode Island.

U12 Boys Rush:

06.03.14 - DE12 Boys Rush SC Champs 2014

U12 Girls Rush:

06.03.14 - DE12 Girls Rush SC Champs 2014

U13 Boys Rush:

06.03.14 - DE13 Boys Rush SC Champs 2014

U13 Girls Rush:

06.03.14 - DE13 Girls Rush SC Champs 2014

U14 Boys Rush:

06.03.14 - DE14 Boys Rush SC Champs

U14 Girls Rush:

06.03.14 - DE14 Girls Rush SC Champs 2014

U15 Boys Rush:

06.03.14 - DE15 Boys Rush SC Champs 2014

U15 Girls Rush: Not Pictured

U16 Girls Rush: Not Pictured

U17 Girls Rush: Not Pictured

U18 Boys Rush:

06.03.14 - DE18 Boys Rush SC Champs 2014

U18 Girls Rush: Not Pictured

U19 Boys Rush: Not Pictured