Rush Expands to Trinidad and Tobago


Rush Soccer is very pleased to announce it has continued its international expansion with 2 clubs joining from Trinidad and Tobago!

"This is a very exciting move for us, as now we have reached the most southern part of the Caribbean," said Technical Director Brian Lux. "These two clubs reach across the island and will surely be a great addition to our REACH program and provide a wonderful new pool of talent for our academy clubs."

Joining the Rush will be SPC Football Club, headed by Peter Pierre and Colin Roach, and Stephan De Four, and the Football IQ Academy, headed by Caleb de Souza. 

"SPC is very delighted by the fact the we have been embraced by such an esteemed organization- Rush Soccer," said Peter. "That this opportunity has been given to us is testament to our hard work in keeping with international best practice and standards. This partnership now raises our profile tremendously and will give our players and coaches further inspiration to work even harder. We thank Mr. Brian Lux for making this all possible and look forward to working to make this relationship something that we can be all proud of! Many, many thanks as well to Don Gemmell, Dave Dengerink and Stephan De Four for giving me the opportunity to get first hand experience of a truly organized and professional organization Rush Soccer is and to enjoy the culture that is warm, receptive and rewarding. It was very easy therefore to enter this partnership."


Peter was able to work with Texas Rush for several weeks leading up to the formation of this partnership, and his experience there made the move to Rush Soccer an easy one.


"We are very excited for the Football IQ Academy to be in partnership with Rush Soccer," said Caleb. "Not only will it provide our players with international exposure, our coaches can benefit from the exchange of best practices and advanced coaching education. Often in Trinidad and Tobago, we are faced with a lack of resources at the grassroots level to develop talented players to the required level where they can eventually compete in the modern game. I am looking forward to working with our Rush partners globally to provide this bridge for many of our young aspiring players. With our Rush partnership, what was a dream for many young players is now becoming a reality! Every player in this country deserves the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and I am thankful that the Rush international staff has taken the time to meet with us to discuss a suitable approach to moving forward. My key objective now is to start collaborating with several of the local grassroots clubs to establish an administrative and technical support system so they too can benefit from our partnership. For instance, through the REACH Program (Rush Equipment Assisting Children), Rush can support disadvantaged youth in developing countries through its partnership network to provide football uniforms and gear. I am also thankful to Dion La Foucade (currently based in the United States) who was essential in initiating this partnership."


A warm welcome to our two newest Rush clubs and best of luck for the future!