Welcome K-Town Rush (Germany)

03.28.14 - Kaiserslauten 1Rush Soccer is very happy to officially announce its newest international partner: K-Town Rush (Germany). Located in Kaiserslautern, K-Town Rush is our first and only Rush partner club in Europe, and also the first Rush club in Germany. K-Town Rush Soccer, named after the city of Kaiserslautern, is located close to the Raimstein Airbase and has an American population of over 70,000, most of them from the military forces.

K-Town, managed by Mr. David Muller, was founded two years ago and the club has been growing rapidly since its inception. 20 K-Town Rush players already have joined the Youth Program of some German Premiere League clubs such as ‘FC Kaiserslautern’ and ‘TSG 1899 Hoffenheim’. “Our club has been continually growing for the last couple of years and has become a well-known academy for talent development in the southwest of Germany,” describes Manager Director David Muller. “We believe that cooperating with Rush Soccer is the next step in our growth process in order to offer our players the possibility of playing at every level,” he adds.

03.28.14 - Kaiserslauten 2

K-Town Rush Soccer is commanded by Axel Roos, a well-known former Bundesliga player (F.C. Kaiserslautern) with an impressive resume. President Axel Roos holds two national titles and a German ‘Supercup’ as a player. He also served as a coach for the Albanian Men's National Team and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

“Partnering with such an organized and talented club will bring so many new possibilities to the table. Gaining exposure in Europe is a very important step for the Rush and I am sure that this agreement will benefit both organizations in many ways”, says Rush Soccere Director of International Affairs Alex Amell Robredo.

President for Rush Soccer Tim Schulz is also excited about having our newest member onboard: “This is a big step for our corporation. With this first Rush club in Germany we have entered the territory of one of the biggest football nations in the world. Especially close to such a large American population. I am elated. We are going to do good things together.”

Welcome to the Rush Family K-Town Rush!