Select Brings Home 4 Championships Second Week Running

After coming home from Desert Classic with 4 championships, the Presidents Day Tournament harvested another 4.  With ten Rush Select teams competing in the event, we went in to the final day with a chance for four titles.

First up was the B15, having won all three games without conceding a goal they were looking to replicate the championship of last year.  With only 10 minutes on the clock Chandler (TN Rush) rose the highest at the corner to head home the opening and winning goal of the game (see video).  Select had a number of other chances to kill off the game but it took Hadi (DE) to head off the line with about 8 minutes left to ensure the win.  Coaches Eric Rudland (MI) and Chad Deering (Dallas) celebrated with the boys after a very impressive run in the tournament.

Next up were the G16 and coaches Leornadis (AK) and Frenchy (NE) had also gone through the tournament without conceding but their final was a little harder fault.  With 8 minutes to play Paola (TN) converted a cross to take the 1-0 lead and surely the championship.  What happen next shocked everyone.  With seconds left on the clock the ball went out for a corner and with everyone in the box, the equalizer happened just in time for the final whistle to blow,  The goal stood, and so we went to PK’s.  With Brianna (AK) doing her thing in the goal and saving PK’s it just left for Daria (NE) to step up and score the winning PK.  Two for Two in championship games.

This left 2 noon finals.  G15 Select coached by Matt Saul (MI) and Kristian Bates (PA) took over the team this year after the girls ended their U14 season with a trip to Ajax and Germany last summer.  The game was in total control  and 2-0 up at half time,  the girls breezed through to a 3-0 win with Jazzy (TX) saving a PK to ensure  the shutout. 

Last game to end was the B17 Select.  With Titus Grant (PP) being one of the most entertaining players of the tournament, continued his scoring streak to put the boys in a commanding position.  But again in the dying minutes, this time a long throw caused havoc in the box and a deflected shot meant this game too went to PK’s. 
The Duncan (VA) show commenced, and even though the boys missed 2 of their first 3 PK’s, Duncan saved the last 3 to ensure that this is one of the most successful teams in PDT history.  This age group (with over 60 players combined) won every PDT they entered from B13-B17 – a 5 year 5-peat! (Check out the U17's during the 'Rush Game of the Day)

All in all another amazing event, with the Rush Way on display for everyone to see and many new friends made throughout the weekend.