2014 Rush Fest is Underway

07.13.14 - Rush Fest OCA record setting number of players and teams have converged on Thornton, Colorado for the 2014 Rush Fest. 46 teams, and nearly 800 players will hit the fields on Monday for 5 days of games, training sessions, classroom sessions about 'the Rush Way' and social interaction with clubs from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Connecticut and all clubs in between.

Those who have been to a Rush Fest Opening Ceremony know the night is about excitement, and energy. A small city could have been powered with the energy on hand this evening as Rush teams filtered in nearly 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony to begin chanting. With each new team arriving to the grand ballroom, the excitement and noise grew exponentially! It truly was a special environment and has set the bar very high for the week.

Virginia Rush are out in force as the holders of the 2013 spirit award and were eager to show they plan to win it again, but many teams and clubs hope to knock them off the pantheon of soccer 'spiritdom'. The next few days will sort everything out but one thing is sure, it is going to be one great week of Rush Soccer! 

For full schedule, results, pictures and more, check out the brand new Rush Fest app available on iphone and Android devices. Search 'RushFest'.