The Journey of 18 Lucky Duckies

11.03.14 - U13 Rush Girls in ChicagoU13 CO Rush Girls in ChicagoWhen you think of rubber ducks you may associate them with the Sesame Street song sung by Ernie or a bathtub toy, but the rubber ducks found on each of the GU13 Colorado Rush player’s backpacks means everything to the team in their quest to prove they can be one of the best soccer teams in the country.

Colorado Rush’s GU13 team is currently undefeated in the Far West Regional League (6-0-0) where they have knocked off the very best from states including Arizona and Utah.  The league is an avenue to USYSA Regionals that will be held in Idaho this coming June, a stage the GU13’s are not just wanting to be on, but to maybe even dream of winning and head to Nationals. 

“The team is peaking, but it has been a long journey, one which has a lot more miles left on it. The players have responded well, learning multiple systems, multiple positions and understanding their roles within them.  We have worked a lot on the differences of being up a goal versus down a goal and this past weekend would not have been as successful if the team didn’t know how to come back form a goal down in their first two games and then to be able to hold on for 2-1 and 3-2 wins.  The girls are showing maturity on the field and they are seeing all of their hard work playing off, not only in their results, but also their performances.”   Russell Finch, GU13 Head Coach

11.03.14 - DucksBut what about the ducks…..??

When the team was playing in Chicago this past summer, they were exploring the city and happened to find themselves at the finish line of the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby.  When the race was done the 54,000 rubber ducks were swept up out of the water and transported to a container.  While on their way there the captain of the boat threw out a rubber duck to each one of the Colorado Rush players who were alongside the Chicago River.   The team agreed to put them on their backpacks to maybe bring a little luck in achieving all their individual and team goals.

“The ducks are something that remind the girls of the end goal and the hard work and attention to detail that is needed to get there.”  

When the team isn’t on the field they are still performing off it.  Often notorious for their pranks and outgoing personalities, the girls have been known for ambushing the GU14 ECNL team with super soakers minutes after their game, getting thrown out of Budget rental car for “delaying business due to the noise” and nearly rocking a parked 15 passenger van over by dancing in it.11.03.14 - U13 Ducks on bags

“They are a great bunch to be around, a story is always born every time they are together.  They’ll pull into the parking lots at out of state tournaments with the windows down screaming song lyrics at the top of their lungs.  People must think they are strange, but that is how they walk through life, having fun and letting everyone know they exist. We’ve been able to come up with names for all the girls due to the amount of incidents that occur when on our trips.  For instance, Mary “bowling ball” Bacca got her name when she forgot to hold on the handrail on an airport terminal train. When it began to brake Mary rolled through the aisle like a bowling ball taking out innocent commuters along the way.”

We wish the girls “luck” in their quest to qualify for Regionals.  Stay tuned!