7 International Clubs Expelled from Rush

12.03.14 - Rush MapSince launching the R.E.A.C.H. (Rush Equipment Assisting Children) Program in 2002, our club has grown enormously in many ways, especially on the International chapter. Thanks to the support and efforts of our players, parents, coaches, and staff we have been able to push one of our most special programs to the next level.  The R.E.A.C.H. Program has delivered thousands of items of equipment, benefiting hundreds of communities throughout the world. Everything we have accomplished so far is thanks to our membership and its contribution.

The success of any partnership, both humanitarian and strategic, depends on the commitment between the two parties. Sometimes we find amazing human beings and extremely organized clubs, but sometimes partnerships just don’t work. Humanitarian partnerships, also known as United Nations Partners, require honesty, effective communications, and a strong commitment to assist communities in need. After revising all our International Partners, the Judicial Branch of the Rush supported by the Continental Technical Directors have decided to expel 7 International Clubs from the Rush.

The expelled clubs are: AFIS Rush (Perú), Cavaly Rush (Haiti), Gambia Rush, Guine-Bissau Rush, Liberia Rush, New Zealand Rush, and Zimbabwe Rush. Uruguay Rush will remain within the organization under a 12 month probation period.

There are different reasons behind the final decision of expelling these clubs. Lack of trust, lack of communications, bad leadership, and disappearance of the club are some key factors. In conclusion, negative partnerships hurt our brand. We all have been working hard to build up a brand that is recognized across the country and internationally. It is our responsibility to maintain the high standards of the Rush “R”. At the end of the day the “R” on our chests represents who we are and what we do with dedication, hard work, and passion.

We are committed to keep assisting the clubs that proudly represent us internationally instilling the Rush Way, Philosophy and Core Values in thousands of kids. We are looking forward to focusing our attention to those clubs who deserve it the most.