Top 5 Stories of 2014 - #1

12.31.14 - Neuer 12015 is now just hours away but before we move into the new year, it is time to look back over the 5 most viewed stories on from the 2014 year. Happy 2015 everyone!

To recap our countdown to this point:
#5 - 2 Rush Players Head to First National Camp of 2014
#4 - U13 Select Boys Roster Announced
#3 - Chicago Rush Fire of Mississippi Joins Rush
#2 - All Rush 2014

and now (with jersey help from World Cup Champion Manuel Neuer), the most viewed story on for the 2014 calendar year was...


01.15.14 - Rush Select at PDTThe 2013/14 Rush Select program has seen record nominations and opportunities for the best players in the Rush Nation.  There were close to 700 players nominated for the ten age groups who are all in the running for some of the best opportunities available for youth soccer players in the US.  We have continued with our ID camps at the youngest two age groups to enable the coaching staff to nail down the top players in each age group.  This is assisted by the Rush Fest which is now building to a size that many of our top U12 players can be seen by the Select Coaching Staff at this pre-select event.

In addition to the Presidents Day Tournament, Open Cup and Surf cup that have been regular events over the past few years, players from this year’s pool have the opportunity to travel to Real Madrid in Spain, Atlanta in Italy and Ajax in Holland, which will include visits and training at the professional clubs and the National training centers of those countries.

Domestically we have opened up the tournaments to the Desert Classic to give more of our younger players the opportunity and the Disney Cup to give our top High School players that are not playing US Developmental Academy to be seen at one of the best Showcases in the Nation.

Below are the list of players that are playing this February in the Presidents Day Tournament and Desert Classic in Phoenix. We will have updates on once the events begin.


G13 Select:  

Staff: Brian Lux (PP) and Daouda Kante (KS)

PDT Players:  Audrey Weiss (CO), Riley Haussler (CO), Alexa Porter (CO), Marianna Annest (CO), Cam McKinnell (CO), Cori Dyke (CO), Erin Hohnstein (CO), Alana Schechter (CO), Sheyenne Allen (DE), Ashlee Brentlinger (DE), Kitty Kamaka (HI), Haley Abregano (HI), Kaile Halvorsen (HI), Karlee Manding (H), I Peyton Graves (TX), Sarah Piper (TX).

Desert Classic Players:  Megan Wood (CO), Macy Clem (CO), Tessa Barton (CO), Jaymee Dotson (DAL), Kennedy Dahlin (DAL), Brianna Gajewski (DAL), Addie Tate (DAL)

Summer Stewart (DE), Eva Steckelberg (IA), Nahomi Lopez (IA), Kayleigh Shackford (NJ), Jordan Farley (VA), Kelsi Bromwell (VA), Delaney Troyer (VA), Chelsea Mojica (VA), Callie Wright (WA).


G14 Select:

Staff:  Russell Finch (CO) and  Kristian Bates (PA)

Players:  Sarah Anshutz (CO), Carolyn Anshutz (CO), Cassidy Formanek (CO), Quaid Solarte (CO), Randi Macadangdang (HI), Brittny Ihara (HI), Chardony Curran (HI), Daelenn Tokunaga (HI), Riley Whitaker  (IA), Megan Gray (IA), Gabby Coprivnicar (ID), Brianna Martinez (NM), Ashton Pugh (TN), Jasmine Richards (TX), Sidney Runeberg (TX), Isabella Camarata  (TX), Kendyl Hedberg (WA), Sydney Schmidt (WA)

Desert Classic Players:  Nadia Morris (CO), Whitney Fairbairn (CO), Lara Wright (FL), Adelyn Claborn (FL), Julia Curatolo (FL), Emily Fontana (IA), Nicole May (MI), Annika Dahlmann (MI), Courtney Cozdorl (MI), Morgan Kloosterman (MI), Mia Carazza (NE), Alex Jurado (NM), Senna Garcia (NM), Sofia Wilmer (NY), Christina Oleartchick (TN), Kailin Wiley (WA).


G15 Select:  

Staff:  Jason Leonardis (AK) and Mark Zathey (MI)

Players:  Brianna Linnell (AK), Darby Judd (AK), Mia Wilson (AK), Aryanna Daniels (DE), Annie Brush (DE), Natalia Tovar (GA), Laila Hamed (GA), Kii Aweau (HI), Tara Phongsvath (KS), Izzy Nuno (MI), Amanda Orlando (MO), Stephanie Figueiredo (NE), Julianna Looco (NE), Taylor Koester (NJ), Rebecca Rosette (NJ), Kristen Reikersdorfer (WI),


G16 Select:

Staff:  Chris Panayiotou (WI) and Roberto Guardodo (NY)

Players: Bree Bezdek  (CO),  Megan Delmonico (CO), Brooklyn Mooney  (CO), Zoe Zinis  (CO), Delainee Evans  (CO), Maddy Jones  (CO), Mariko Bebb  (HI), Bre Ihara  (HI), Nikki Suwa (HI), Kylie Louis (HI), Cailla Fabro (HI), Catie McDonald (NM),  Emily Mendes (NY),  Jena Pelinkovic   (NY), Robyn Seward  (NY), Tecora Turner (TN), Jade Pearce (TN), Emily Krogman ( WI)

Desert Classic Players: Julie Chambers (AR),Shannon Mooney  (CO), Sully Boulden (DE), Molly Drach (DE), Gabrielle Villermaux (DE), Sarah Brush (DE), Isabell Romano (KS), Kayley Hagan (KS) Sarah Park (MI), Emily Rusch (MO), Logan Heacock (MO), Christina Spinos (NE), Jennifer Anderson (NE), Lucia Constanza (NM), Sophie Rodriguez (NM), Sophia Deleon (NY), Isabella Ardizzone (NY), Emma Rather (WI), 


G17 Select:

Staff:  Tim Amlong (NE) and Matt Saul (MI)

Players:  McKenzie Federick (DE), Sam Shoppy (GA), Jenni Norris (GA), Caroline Buelt (IA), Emily Marech (MI),       

Brook Greiner (MO), Maggie Houska (MO), Annie Valenti (MO), Emani Stewart (So Cal), Megan Anth (MO), Sam Tapia (NM), Maddie Waszak (NM), Dawn Penso (NM), Chloe Rosenfield (NY), Libby Closson (NY), Jennifer Balzan (NY),  Robin Penella (TN)



B13 Select:

Staff:  Matt Mittelstaedt (VA) and Dan Highstead (PP)

Players:  Jake Williams (WA), Bryce Schuster (WI), Andres Campo (CO), Jackson Briggs (CO), Jack Tater  (CO), Jake Sission  (TN), Alexander Dunda (CO), Dillon Etter  (TX), Samuel Rowan (MO), Kevin Peterson (CO), Noah McKelvey (SoCal), William Overberg (IA), Isaac Frederick (MO), Tyler. Deutsch (DE), Nicholas Kuykndall (PP)


B14 Select:

Staff:   Eric Rudland (MI) and Nik Penn (PP)

Players:  Elliot Bain (BAH), Sean Walker (BAH), Luc Albuisson (CO), Hadi Basma  (DE), Bryce Wallace (DE), Logan Sullivan (NM), Christopher Maning (NM), Hunter Esquibel (NM), Jack Rembe (NM), Tyler Flaherty (NY), Sammy Killman (PP), Brandon Shaughnessy (PP),  Stefano Della Rosa (TN),) John Eric McCarthy (TX), Jason Bonilla  (TX), Sam Johnston (WA), Demetrius Kigeya (WI), Jaden Neumann (WI)


B15 Select:

Staff:  Juan Castallenos (GA) and Marcus Chambers (HI)

Players:  Danial Shahidi (BAH), Andrew Efaw (CO), Ryan Wilson (CO), Rowan Pierson (ID), Sam Sketers (KS), Chris Jenkins (HI), Shandon Hopeau (HI), Josue Martinez (NY SB), Jared Lee (NY SB), Jacob Suppiah (TN), Jensen Crisler (WA), Aki Nystrom (WA), Nate Redd (WA), Efren Martinez (WA), Lars Helleren (WA), Chris Geanon (WI), 


B16 Select:

Staff:  Arian Hoxha (HI) and Todd Saldana (So Cal)

Players:  Stephen Siegfried (DE), Ethan Suda (GA), Tray Curet (HI), Tyler Morton (HI), Sam Rucklos  (ID), Fred Frimpong (IA), Kennan Smajlovic (IA), Will Nurre (IA), Jesse Andonian (KS), Carlos Canella (KY), Sam Buzzas (OR), Zack Emerson (OR), Aiden Shannon (MI), Nicholas Kraeuter (MI), Dalton Marin (TN), Robbie Dee (TN)


B17 Select:

Staff:  Nathan Hunt (AR) and Mike Surtees (WI)

Players:   Hayden Stricker (AR), Chris Holmes (AR), Liam Hill (DE), Jacob Meyer (DE), Luis Herrera (GA), Peter Hyatt (HI), Zach Ferguson (KS), Josh Varela (KS), DJ Johnson (IA), Alexis Barba (NM), Jeremy Asteano (NE), Eli Warmenhoven (OR), Zel Rey (OR), Chris DiPietro (TN), Hayden Schmidt (WA), Abdul Kooistra (WI), Teon Fountain (WI), Sean Surtees (WI)