Welcome Decisao Rush!!

03.01.14 - Brazil FlagOur new club in Brasil is making the difference.

DECISÃO played their first competition of the year, after signing a partnership with RUSH SOCCER with the new name FC RUSH DECISÃO (after a change in leadership from the former Pernambuco Rush).

The  DECISÃO Football Club, a professional team in of the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, signed a pioneering and innovative partnership with the RUSH SOCCER November 2011 and started its activities using the new name in early 2014. For theie first competition, DECISÃO RUSH SOCCER CLUB. played in COPA II Porto de Galinhas Under 17.  This competition had 23 teams from several states of Brazil , including Victoria BA Club, which has even played already in competitions in the USA, like the Dallas Cup.  The team started with a nice win against the SPORT of Recife club that plays at the Brazilian first division, by a score of 3-2. The second match of the team they also won, beating Botafogo -PB, with a victory of 1-0. The third game, Decisao Rush played with the reserve team and lost 1v2 for Ibis, however they finished leading group B. In the quarterfinal, Decisao Rush had another good victory against Real Esporte of Alagoas, but fell short and lost in the semi-finals to ABC, who were the champion of the tournament.

 Now, the next challenge for the DECISÃO RUSH FC will be the U20 state of Pernambuco League, official competition of the annual calendar of Pernambuco Football Federation. 

Rush Soccer is excited to add such a great club in Brasil and we all look forward to learning more about the country during the World Cup this summer!