College Tournaments Start Today

rush-news-4Rush alumni from around the country will embark on their quest for a College National Championship today as tournament play begins. Below are Rush Alumni by club as well as what school they are currently attending. Good luck to all players in the quest for a National Championship!

Check out the brackets here:
Women's DI
Women's DII
Men's DII 

Alaska Rush
Amanda Dotten Penn State
Colorado Rush
Kelsey Loupee Virginia Tech
Annie Kunz Texas A&M
Jacy Drobney Oregon State
Morgan Kennedy Oregon State
Danielle Foxhoven Portland
Krissy Tribbett Penn State
Emmalie Pfankuch North Carolina
Christine Clark Baylor
Amanda Collins New Mexico
Stephanie Rowe New Mexico
Kendall Khanna Alabama
Brooke Hickerson San Diego
Abby Rolph Metro State
Hayley Marsh Metro State
Marissa Davis Regis
Cassandra Hanna Regis
Kiki Arnold Regis
Molly Harpster Saint Rose
Dylan Thompson Seattle Pacific
Thomas Hoang Ft. Lewis
Issa Bissau Metro State
Andrew Mejia Metro State
Alexander Deitz Incarnate Word
Zack Foxhoven UCLA
Reid Hukari UCLA
Paolo DelPiccolo Louisville
Idaho Rush
Michael Soderlund Indiana
Iowa Rush
Megan Fuller Ohio State
New Mexico Rush
Cassandra Ulrich New Mexico
Jael Fanning New Mexico
Natalie Jenks New Mexico
Javier Gomez New Mexico
Riley McGovern New Mexico
Lawrence Robledo New Mexico
Devon Sandoval New Mexico
Grant Duke Ft. Lewis
Kyle Porter Trinity
Zach Duran CMS College
New York Rush
Diana Allen LaSalle
Andrea Arnone Tampa
Samantha Fleischmann MIT
Samantha Russo Scranton
Christina Angione Wheaton (MA)
New Zealand Rush
Michael O'Keeffe Fairfield
Nik Robson UCF
Ben Hunt UCF
Matt Gibbons New Mexico
Tennessee Rush
Chandler Gagnon Memphis
Jacob Cook Christian Brothers
Ian Michalak UAB
Emmanuel Wilson Eastern Tennessee State
Texas Rush
Sean Cruz University of Redlands
Sean Helster CO School of Mines
Brianna Simmons Mobile University
Kelsey Pope Mobile University
Virginia Rush
Carly Jones FIU
Travis Watson Randolph College
Coulton Watson Randolph College
Joe Syaia Randolph College
Ryan Woloshim Randolph College
Rebecca Gold Trinity Christian 
Ari Dimas Virginia
Trey Saunders Virginia
Jordan Cyrus Maryland
Garett Halfhill Xavier
Alex Vaughn Old Diminion
Sean Christien Old Diminion
Adam Klink Rutgers

If we are missing a player please email Adam Logan with players name, Rush club, and College name. Thanks.