U13 Girls ID Camp Day 3

After some very challenging and competitive games against the 98's and 99's ODP teams the day before, the girls were given an opportunity to showcase their themselves in a small sided games tournament.  The girls took to the indoor field where the large player pool was divided into 6 teams, along with some catchy names and then they proceeded to play a round robin.

01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 11

The top 4 teams then progressed into the semi-finals to determine who would compete in the final.  Tied at full time, the teams proceeded to an old fashioned half way line 1v1 beat the keeper type shoot out.  Team "I wish I was from Hawaii…wait I am" took the trophy and celebrated  with the rest of the group.
01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 12 

After the small sided tournament the group headed to the Rush players lounge for their classroom session.  Colorado Rush Technical Director, Erik Bushey, discussed and reiterated the importance of the 11 Rush Core Values.  The girls discussed, defined and gave examples of how we can be better by understanding and abiding by our core values.

01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 8

Erik Bushey when asked about the Core Values Presentation said “There is no doubt that we want to develop soccer players, whether it is a recreational player who simply wants to play and have fun or, like here in Georgia this weekend, the elite player who has aspirations that are out of this world. I think there is great importance for both Rush coaches and players in understanding that we want to help develop good people to be good players. The Rush Core Values are a staple of Rush Soccer and are yet another tool in helping us progress in the Rush Way throughout the country.”

The pool of players was then broken down into three teams and the afternoon was filled with an innner-squad scrimmage and a game against current GU13 league champions of top bracket in Georgia, United Futbol Academy (UFA).  The starting 11's were announced over the PA system at the field, along with the Rush club they were representing.  
The inner-squad scrimmage was a great success and it was clear players were more relaxed based on their performances and increased communication among one another on the field.  With both teams creating many chances, the grey team were a little more clinical in their finishing.
01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 2
01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 3
In the final game of the day the Rush Select team was faily evenly matched against a strong GU13 UFA team.  Rush went 1-0 down against the run of play, even though they had the majority of the possesion and created many good chances.  Late in the second half the team managed to tie the game, but the clear and concise message from the sidelines was to go and win the game.  With seconds remaining on the clock Rush earns themself a corner.  With 10 Rush players in the box and goalkeeper Kyra Glakas (DE) stood on the half way line, Randi Macadangdang (HI) whipped in a fast paced ball that wrapped itself in the top right hand corner and gave their girls the first win against an outside opponent.
01.06.13 - U13 ID Camp 13
"Winning certainly isn't the most important component in these type of camps, It's more about each individual perfornance, but the fact we played 3 different systems to try and get back in the game and then go on and win it, definitely feels good.  Players were asked to take on roles they were unfamiliar with and showed many of the core values we had gone over earlier in the day, such as unity, tenacity and passion." -  Russell Finch, GU13 Rush Select Head Coach