Rush Cavaly A.S Joins Rush Soccer

As we announced just a week ago, the “Rush Way” is growing in the Caribbean and Rush Cavaly A.S will proudly represent our club in Haiti. This Haitian partner is our second colleague in the Caribbean, since we signed Rush Bahamas recently. Rush Soccer considers that the “Caribbean has an enormous potential to grow and become a solid area to developing soccer,” assets Community Outreach Manager Ben Medina.

Cavaly A.S is a historic soccer club since 1975 which plays in the Haitian National First Division. Its large accomplishments includes:

Cavali b-2

- Champion Leogane (1976)
- Champion Olympique (1988)
- Champion International Minims Guadeloupe (1990, 1991)
- National League First Division Champions (2007)
- Series Open Season Champion (2007)

Cavaly A.S has represented Haiti in the Concacaf Competitions of Clubs in 2009 and several of its former players have secured a professional contract in Europe, South-America and United States. On behalf of Rush Soccer, the organization undertakes to assist Rush Cavaly A.S to grow nationally and internationally.

“Our primary objective is to become a true professional soccer club. We have 38 years of history and we need to become a solid institution that contributes in bringing values to the city of Leogane and the rest of Haiti,” assets Rush Cavaly A.S President, Yves Rebecca.  “We would like to utilize soccer to change Haitian life socially and economically, along with promoting the country in the international soccer arena”, adds President Yves Rebecca.

Cavaly A.S is still recovering from the earthquake suffered in 2010 that devastated the whole country. Before the catastrophe Cavaly A.S had 120 kids aged 12 to 18. Nowadays, the Haitian organization can only manage 40 kids, because most of families have been displaced since the city was destroyed. Furthermore, their stadium has been destroyed and used as refugee camp. “The situation isn’t easy, but our love for the game, the kids and the city command us to keep pushing,” insures President Rebecca.

haiti This is a challenging project with a large amount of work ahead. First and foremost Rush Soccer and Cavaly A.S will collaborate to keep the kids away from violence, drugs, and delinquency. “The social aspect is really important, since we believe that athletics can enhance a child’s personality, instilling a sense of purpose,” assets Rush Cavaly A.S President Yves Rebecca. Other than that, Rush Soccer will assist Cavaly A.S technically, trying to provide international exposure to Haitian players. The last goal is to help Rush Cavaly A.S to set up a soccer academy to nurture and develop the kids mentally and physically, in order to perform at the highest level.

On behalf of Rush Soccer, the whole family will work jointly to provide opportunities for Haitian children.