Guine-Bissau Rush: Welcome Aboard

02.27.13 - Guinea BissauWe are very pleased to announce our partnership with the Guine-Bissau Rush Academy, a new venture that will start in March 2013. The West African country is ready to join our club after months of hard work and dedication. The Academy will primarily work with players aged between 14 and 18 years old.

The short term goal for Guine-Bissau Rush is to develop an academy program to support talented soccer players from across the country giving them the chance to practice their favorite sport. The next step for Guine-Bissau Rush will consist in setting up a structured program in schools, colleges and universities linked to clubs in Guine-Bissau, Europe and United States.


During 2012, Guine-Bissau Rush Academy General Director Causo Seidi, began delivering his Soccer Program to players in different schools and clubs. Mr. Seidi also made links with coaches and administrators to establish a solid structure for Guinean academy. Causo Seidi attended the International Football Development Expo in Amsterdam a few months later where he met some of the Rush Staff and made firsts contacts. Now, Guine-Bissau is part of our club and they are in the position to launch the Guine-Bissau Rush Academy.

Rob Williams, Director of Coaching Education Support, will assist the Guine-Bissau Rush Academy from the UK.  Mr. Williams will share his expertise with the Guinean academy developing links with professional clubs and scouts.

GUINEA BISSAURush Soccer is proud to present our latest international partner and pledges to assist the Guine-Bissau Rush Academy. Welcome aboard!