Rush Launch M.A.P. Psychology Program

Map2Rush Soccer is excited to announce the launch of our new Rush MentalSkills Acquisition Program! As one of the four pillars of the game (Technical, Tactical, Physical, Mental), the Rush M.A.P. is aimed to help Rush Player, Coaches and Parents with the mental side of soccer. Please see the note below from Program Director Lee Hancock:

My name is Lee Hancock I am the Director of the new Rush MentalSkills Acquisition Program – M.A.P.  I, and my assistant David, would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the program and tell you a bit about it.

The Rush M.A.P. is a free program to Rush members designed to help Rush players, coaches and parents learn about, and ways they can apply, important mental, emotional and life skills. We call it the M.A.P. because we want to establish a picture in the minds of the players, coaches, and parents that through this program we are “charting a path for success in soccer and in life” by helping them acquire and implement important mental and emotional skills to navigate soccer and life’s challenging situations. 

In the Rush M.A.P. we will organize our content around 5 critical MentalSkill areas.   We call these 5 areas the 5cs: 

  • Commitment – refers to ones desire, determination, and persistence to accomplish a task – it involves giving 100% and making sacrifices
  • Concentration – refers to ones ability to focus or change their focus at key times
  • Confidence – refers to ones belief in ones self, of those around them, and of ones capacities and abilities
  • Communication – refers to ones ability to receive and provide effective information, and to interact with and influence those around them
  • Control - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control of ones emotions in a variety of situations, in various ways and through various means

We will use the website as a place to provide information, examples, and application ideas for each of the 5cs. We will update the website often so you should check back often to see what new things we provide.

You will see on the left side bar a “M.A.P.” button. If you click it you will link to the M.A.P. program front page. On that front page you will see a list of FAQ’s that we answer. In addition, if you click on the top buttons on the M.A.P. front page (Coaches, Parents, Players, PDP programs, and Staff) there will be additional pieces of information, specific to that population/area. In addition, on those subpages there are explanations and video clips of the 5cs as well as explanations on how we intend to work with each group (coaches, parents, players).

We hope you enjoy your journey using our M.A.P. as a guide and of course we hope it makes an impact on your performance as a Rush athlete, parent or coach.