U13 Girls ID Camp Day 2

Day two started off with a functional training session, here GU13 Rush Select head coach, Russell Finch and his staff painted a picture for players of how to play out of the back and maintain possession of the ball when playing out of their defensive half.  Conditions were put in place to encourage players to connect passes, move off the ball and most importantly force players to communicate with one another since most were complete strangers at this point of the camp.  Keepers were not allowed to punt, promoting tougher decision making, along with the other players now having to open up and be options for them.
 01.07.13 - U13 ID Camp 1
"For me it's too easy for players to turn their backs on the keeper, push up the field and hope to win the punt.  I want players to enjoy the ball in all areas of the field, including the keepers.  I believe taking away the punt forces players to solve the problems that are created when required to play to feet out of their own 18 yard box." - Russell Finch, GU13 Rush Select Head Coach
After the session teams were announced for games against the Georgia 98 and 99 ODP teams, many players in this group of elite local players competed on U14 and U15 ECNL teams.  
01.07.13 - U13 ID Camp 2
Game 1 was against the toughest age group, the 98's.  The game was tied 0-0 until the last 10 minutes when some creative, dynamic combination play and a little more athleticism gave the ODP girls 4 quick goals.  
Game 2 was a much more competitive game against the 99's where some of the girls were the same age, but still the majority were true U14's.  The game ended 1-0, another late goal, but certainly a closer game both in possession and the score line.  
The final game was under the lights against the second group of 99's.  Although it drew a big crowd and the Rush girls shared the possession, it was ultimately defined by missed chances accompanied with errors in the midfield and at the back which saw another 4 quick goals for the decisive Georgia girls.
 01.07.13 - U13 ID Camp 3
The coaches addressed a few items they took from the games and then the girls headed to the warmth of the players lounge for their first team dinner.
01.07.13 - U13 ID Camp 4