Bon Bini Curacao Rush!

CSU15sRush Soccer is pleased to announce their partnership with another club in the Caribbean. As of today, C Stars United of Curacao have become CSU Rush. This marks the fourth Rush branch in the Caribbean, joining the Bahamas and two clubs in Haiti.

Nestled just north of the South American coast, Curacao is a small, autonomous nation of around 150,000 people. Though they are still a member of the Dutch Kingdom, they have an independent government and commerce structure. The main city of Willemstad is home to one of the deepest natural harbors in the world, and the island serves as a main waypoint for shipping routes between South America and the United States and Europe. The native language is Papiamentu (a blend of Spanish, Portuguese and the west-african language of genie), though most people also speak English and Dutch. The island has many beautiful cove beaches even though it is only about 32 miles long and between 3 and 15 miles wide.

This is a great step for us, remarked Caribbean Technical Director Brian Lux. This is an area that has a wealth of athletic talent and a great soccer history. Being a former member of the Netherlands Antilles, there is a great European influence. Couple that with the indigenous culture and you have a great recipe to produce great players. CSU Rush President Henry Plaate is also very excited. We have been searching for a partnership in the USA over the last few years and we have hit the "jackpot" with Rush Soccer!

This season the CSU Rush U15 Boys finished as semifinalists of the national league, losing to the eventual champions. The team will work hard this offseason to be ready for next years competition. Also, for the first CONCACAF U15 tournament in Grand Cayman, CSU Rush will have 4 players in the national selection.

Bon Bini (that's Welcome in Papiamentu) to CSU Rush!