South American Country Uruguay Joins Rush Soccer

08.05.11 - rush uruguayRush Soccer has a new partner in South America! Uruguay Rush has more than one hundred players and will be working with boys from ages 6 to 17 at both the developmental and competitive levels. Uruguay Rush joins us at an exciting time for Uruguay – the country won the recent Copa America, finished 4th in the 2010 World Cup, was the runner up in the FIFA U17 World Cup, and has had a number of players compete for some of the best professional teams in Europe.

Uruguay Rush will be guided by the leadership of Gastón Berriel, who started playing the game at the age of 15 and eventually played at the professional level. He has worked as a trainer for various soccer organizations inside Uruguay (such as the Defenders and Wanderers). Currently he works to develop and coordinate physical education programs and, in particular, promote the game of soccer.

Gastón has high expectations for the new partnership. “Belonging to Rush gives us the possibility of reaching more kids in different places… second, the exchange of knowledge between us and [Rush Soccer] will help our staff to grow and allow us to consolidate correct working methods for all ages.” Gaston aims to expand membership in the near future and seeks to provide Rush programs to youth in other parts of the country.

Tim Schulz, President and CEO of Rush Soccer says, “I am so excited to have Gastón and his club part of the Rush.  We are very grateful to be partners.” Uruguay Rush brings lots of experience with player development and will surely be a great benefit to the global organization.


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