Rush Fest Day 4

rush fest 2010 finalBelow are results from game day number three at Rush Fest. Today's action included morning games, a trip to a local amusement park, and an unfortunate rain/lightning storm in the evening that cancelled the small sided tournament. Thursday morning will see the final games, the crowning of the Rush Club of the Week and closing ceremonies. 

Game Day 4 (Thursday) Schedule

Boys Schedule

Home Team Away Team Field
Michigan Nike Pikes Peak Swoosh 5
New Mexico Nike Colorado Nike 6
Virginia Nike Kansas Nike 7
Pikes Peak Nike Colorado Swoosh 8

Girls Schedule

Home Team Away Team Field
New Mexico Nike Washington Swoosh 2
Hawaii Nike U11 Boys 3
Alaska Nike New Mexico Fusion 4
Virginia Nike So Cal Nike 5
Texas White Michigan Nike 6
Colorado Swoosh Washington Nike 7
Texas Blue Colorado Nike 8


Wednesday's Results

Home Team Away Team Score
Colorado Nike Kansas Nike 4-1
VA NM 2-2
MI PP N 2-2
CO S PP S 2-4

GAME DAY 3 (Wednesday) SCHEDULE - Girls

Home Team Away Team Score
CO Nike MI Nike 6-1
TX Blue HI Nike 6-0
CO S AK Nike 3-1
TX White WA Nike 1-2
NM Fusion SC Nike 6-1
WA Swoosh U11 Nike Boys 2-2
NM Nike VA Nike 2-2