Gambian Player and Colorado Rush Standout, Joins Charleston Battery

04.04.11_-_deco_at_charleston_vs._dc(04.04.11) Seedy Bah of the Colorado Rush, by way of Gambia Rush in Africa, has signed a pro contract with the Charleston Battery of the USL Pro Division. Seedy, who is 18, is the youngest player from the Colorado Rush to sign a professional contract. The Gambian joined the Colorado Rush Academy program in February of 2010 along with three country mates.

“In Seedy’s time here in Colorado he has been the consummate professional on and off the field. This is a logical step for him and will undoubtedly prove to be one of many steps in his professional career. We are extremely proud of him and for our Academy to push a player on directly to the next level. I know Deco (nickname of Seedy) will do well,” commented Colorado Rush Technical Erik Bushey.

Seedy recently took a few minutes to discuss his new home and being a professional athlete as he prepares for the season opener on April 9th.

Rush: What were your thoughts upon being given a pro contract?

Seedy: It was very good to be given a player contract. It is something very big for me and my family. It is something great in my life.


What did your family and friends have to say when they heard the news?

My mom couldn’t believe it. It was something extraordinary, really unbelievable.


How did you end up being recognized and then signed by Charleston?

I ended up in Charleston through Seattle. I had gone to trial with the Seattle Sounders. I had done very well there but unfortunately they could not sign me. However, they did not want to release me so they helped me sign with a USL club so I could keep playing at a high level. Now if during the season they need me, they will still be able to sign me. So that is how I ended up being a Charleston Battery player.


So what do you think of your new home?

It is a good playing environment. The people are friendly. Everything is cool. I am living with two Jamaicans who are on the team. They are good guys.


2010_11.18_-_seedy_bahWhat are your thoughts on your new team?

Well our team is good. We’ve played some MLS teams in a tournament. We lost to DC United 2-1. The second game we beat Toronto FC and in the third game we tied with Chicago Fire. So we ended up in second place for the tournament.


How have you been playing of late?

I’ve been playing good. Scoring goals and doing lots of work. It was hard to leave my home and friends but I want to be a pro and it was something I had to do.


Seedy’s first league game is April 9th at home against Charlotte Eagles. In his short time with the Battery, Seedy has already shown his attacking prowess as he has notched several goals. As he works toward getting his first league goal, Seedy will undoubtedly have the support of the Rush Nation. Certainly his brethren in Colorado and Gambia will be following intently. Rush Soccer president, Tim Schulz added: “We are thrilled to see the first professional signing as a result of our wonderful relationship with an African Rush club. The fact that it is a Gambian player is most appropriate as without this Gambia Rush there would likely not be a Rush presence throughout Africa. I believe this will be the first of many success stories as a result of Rush Soccer and Gambia Rush.”