The Hawaii 'Rush Moms'

What hard work, dedication and a love of the game can really do…
(article by Hawaii Rush DOC Steve Whitehouse) 

I am sure not too many of our membership know about the Rush Moms but it is an over 40 women’s team put together by a parent of a 98G, Sherrie Rapoza, made up entirely of mothers who have children playing for the club. Nearly all of the players were beginners in the sport. The Rush Moms were the first team I took on after moving to Oahu and immediately I was sold. I thought, “What a great opportunity to work with the parents and educate them on the game using the same values that their children have learned”.  I really didn’t anticipate the rewarding nature of this coaching assignment, nor did I foresee that this would become far more than simply “coaching a team”.

Goodbye Jan!

The team began training in February of 2012, we had a healthy roster of 18 players and about a month to prepare for our first competitive game together, which for many, was the first competitive game of their soccer career. The learning curve was steep, with practices combining simple technical aspects with the tactical nuances needed for the game. I was struck by how each player approached everything with such a positive attitude, how hard they worked, and how genuinely appreciative they were that I was taking the time to teach them the game. They honestly enjoyed being at training, being around each other and what began as a group of ‘moms’ had quickly become a team of ‘sistahz’.

The first season started out tough as we competed in the WISA O40 league playing against established teams that had been together for a long time, and been around the game for even longer. Needless to say we went winless that first season, but did this dampen the spirits of these great moms, absolutely not! Not only were they balancing work, kids and countless other activities, but they were now injecting soccer into their daily lives and becoming more driven to be successful on the field, and understand the game from a playing perspective. Many were humbled by the experiences and swore to change their approach to their children when they were the spectators. It was also fun to see the role reversal of the children watching their parents go out and play the game.

01.09.15 - Rush Moms with kids

As time has passed by, the dedication remains, and the drive to be successful has increased. The player pool has changed slightly, we have had our fair share of injuries, but we continue to generate interest from other moms wanting to join the group. Our success has improved on the field, going winless in the spring of 2012, to 1 tie in the fall of 2012. The spring of 2013 was truly a memorable one as we picked up our first win as a team. We finished the season with 1 win, 1 tie and 8 losses.  We then approached the fall season of 2013 with great anticipation and a desire to work even harder. This paid off with a successful season, finishing with 4 wins, 2 ties and 4 losses.

The Rush Moms did not stop there and approached this past fall 2014 season with even more determination and spirit. The continued improvement shows more and more each and every weekend as the most successful season to date concluded with a record of 4 wins, 5 ties and just 2 losses.

The Rush Mom’s continue to train and balance everyday life as we prepare for the Spring 2014 season. It is evident that this group of women have open minds, tremendous desire and a genuine love for the game of soccer. What started out as a group of beginners, quickly turned into a team that likes to play soccer the ‘Rush Way’. They have transcended the soccer field and have become a family, a group of women who now like to be known as ‘Rush Sistahz’. I am proud to say that the Rush Sistahz embody all of the club core values… Accountability, Advice, Empathy, Enjoyment, Humility, Leadership, Passion, Respect, Safety, Tenacity and Unity.  I am proud to be their coach. Go Rush Moms (Sistahz)!