Rush Select turn up the heat at the Desert Classic

02.10.15 - B14SelectB14 SelectThis past weekend the Rush Select took 6 teams to compete in the SC Del Sol Desert Classic in Phoenix, AZ.  Players from 22 states came together on 6 teams with coaches as far and wide as Dallas to Virginia and Colorado to Mississippi, to compete in the weekend event.

The tournament was a huge success with the girls U13 (Finch), U14 (Lux) and U15 (Saul) all coming away winners.  On the boys side, there could only be one winner as B14 (Highstead) beat B14 (Mittelstaedt) in the final and B15 Deering narrowly missed out on reaching the final by a single goal.

Even more important was the camaraderie, the friendships and relationships built in the weekend, the chance to become as one under the Rush banner.

Next week, 10 teams will be flying out to Phoenix for the Presidents Day Tournament where Rush will try to compete in all ages B13-B17 both boys and girls.

Great job to all the players, coaches and supporters for an awesome weekend.

02.10.15 - B15SelectB15 Select

02.10.15 - G13SelectG13 Select

02.10.15 - G14SelectG14 Select

02.10.15 - G15SelectG15 Select