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A new resident at the Titan House


For a little bit more than two weeks now, the Titan House in Colorado has been hosting a new player. Diego, from Cancun Rush and new resident of the club-house, tells us about his experience with Colorado Rush…

Diego, can you please introduce yourself?08.21.14 - Diego G. at the airport

My name is Diego Gonzales, I am 18 years old. I was born in Cancun, Mexico, and I play as a winger or attacking midfielder.

When did you start playing at Cancun Rush and why did you choose Rush?

I played for Cancun Rush for two months now. Before that, I was playing with the U17 team of CF Atlante, but the first team got relegated and they removed the U17 and U20 teams. And at this moment Rush was for me the best option to stay at a competitive level and keep improving my soccer.

You have been staying at the Titan House, how would you describe this experience?

It has been a very good experience so far. It is very different than my everyday life in Cancun. I have learned a lot in the house. I became more responsible and independent. I have already a lot of good memories here.

How would you describe the “Rush Way”?

It is a good philosophy, very different and unique than any of the other clubs in the world. What I really appreciate in the  "Rush Way" are the core values of the club. In my opinion, those are values that every person, and especially every soccer player should have. It is a philosophy for the practice, the game and even the daily life.

What is the impact of the Rush Core Values on your soccer?

I try to be as much as I can a humble person, and every time I walk on the field I remember the value of humility, respect and passion.

What is the main different between American soccer and Mexican soccer ?

I think the main difference is that in Mexico, for most of the people, soccer is a way of life. But here in the US, it is growing so I have good hopes! Also I think that in the US, more often there is athletes becoming soccer player, and in Mexico we have the opposite, soccer player that need to become more athletic. 

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