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U12 Juggling Competition


Rush Soccer U12 Juggling Challenge.


The Challenge is to find the U12 player in all of Rush Soccer that can keep the ball in the air the longest.  Whether you call it "Juggling" or in some parts of the world "Keepy Uppy", this is a true test of your ball control.  No bounces, no hands, just you and the ball in the air.  It will take technique, endurance and maybe hardest of all concentration to prove you are the best in Rush Soccer

girl raising soccer trophy hg whtThe challenge will provide a host of competitions with prizes for those who stand-out.

Individual B12 record

Individual G12 record

Club wide average (boys and girls)

                              Regional Average (based on your Regional Technical Director)

 What do you have to do?

All you have to do is juggle a size 4 ball in the air without using your hands, and every time you play the ball without it touching the ground you add one to your total.  It must be witnessed by an adult and then entered in the Record Chart by clicking here.


To get you in the mood check out this video of some Juggling in some crazy places. 

If you think you are good, check out some of the amazing juggling records below:

  • World Record currently stands at an estimated 250,000 when Dan Magness, 25, kept the ball aloft for a staggering 24 hours.
  • Walking while keeping up a soccer ball: Ricardo Silva Neves (BRA) covered 721 km (448 mi)
  • Running marathon while keeping up a soccer ball: Dr. Jan Skorkovsk√Ĺ (TCH) covered 42.195 km 26 mi 385 yd for the Prague City Marathon  7:18:55 hrs
  • Running 100 m while keeping up a soccer ball: Manfred Wagner (SUI): 15.9 sec on 14 

The competition starts on Feb 1 and ends on Feb 28, but get practicing today to get a head start.  On the 28th make sure your team coach knows how many juggles you have complete and it can be added to the team and club list.  Your club will send the results on to Rush Soccer and we will announce the winners.

Good Luck

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