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Chevrolet has officially partnered with Rush Soccer as a national front of jersey sponsor. If you are a current Rush player, congratulations! This is Rush Soccer’s first front of jersey sponsor since its inception and you are the lucky ones to be part of this historic achievement.

Does this increase or decrease the cost of uniforms?

No, uniform costs do not increase or decrease with the addition of the Chevrolet logo. Chevrolet is covering all the costs of putting the logo on the Rush uniforms. Costs will stay the same for the Rush uniforms, but they will have a more professional look to them.

Why is this partnerhsip beneficial for Rush?

Partnering with Chevrolet – an internationally recognized company – puts Rush in a category very few can associate themselves with. Chevrolet recently signed a three year deal with the United States Soccer Federation and as of August 2014 Chevrolet will be the front of jersey sponsor for Manchester United. There is no other youth club in the world that is able to co-brand with these top organizations. This sponsorship makes a statement of where our club is heading. Rush will continue to grow and strengthen its brand; partnering with Chevrolet allows Rush to take that next step.

What about local sponsors?

Local sponsorships are highly encouraged! These logos can be placed on the jersey sleeve or back, shorts, warm ups, training gear, bags, etc. These sponsors should not conflict with existing Rush sponsors.

What is in it for me?

The partnership with Chevrolet will attract other national and local sponsors for Rush Soccer and its various clubs. More sponsors means more possibilities for Rush. This is just the beginning with Chevrolet – the opportunities are endless. Rush is taking its two year partnership with Chevrolet very seriously and would like to see it continue in a bigger capacity in the future. 

What is the ordering cycle for uniforms?

Ordering for boys and girls will be on the same schedule. New uniforms will be released in 2013, 2015, and 2017. Although boys ordered new uniforms last year, they will not be ordering more than they would have on the old cycle. Their purchasing cycle changed to odd years instead of even years.

Will goalies have the logo on their keeper jerseys?

Yes, the logo will be on the front of all keeper jerseys.

Is the picture the actual size of the Chevy logo?

Yes, this is the same size logo on professional soccer teams’ jerseys.

What does the money go towards?

The sponsorship with Chevrolet will allow Rush to further develop its coaching education and college advisory program (CAP).

Why partner with Chevrolet and not someone else?

Rush has 11 core values which drive the organization. We look for the same in a partner and Chevrolet’s values align with Rush very well

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