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The purpose of REACH, Rush Equipment Assisting Children, is to share love and compassion with marginalized youth in developing countries by partnering with existing Rush soccer clubs, schools, nonprofit organizations, and communities to provide soccer uniforms and equipment. By linking equipment donation to on-the-ground programs that develop youth soccer skills and promote health and education, REACH is contributing to stronger, healthier communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Since the launch of the REACH Program in 2002, Rush Soccer has worked with implementing partners such as FedEx, the US Army and the US Navy’s Project Handclasp to distribute hundreds of thousands of pieces of soccer gear to more than 30 developing countries around the world.

Rush Soccer is the biggest soccer club in the world with over 37,000 registered members across the United States. High levels of membership have created a large supply of gently used soccer uniforms and equipment. Seeking to capitalize on the opportunity to redistribute these uniforms with needy communities around the globe, Rush Soccer has established a standard process for managing the program. Competitive players who donate full uniforms receive a $20 rebate provided by Eurosport, Rush Soccer’s distributor of uniforms.

This widespread distribution of soccer gear has not gone unnoticed, with REACH television features aired on CBS, ABC and Good Morning America. During the most recent shipping of gear in February 2011, the REACH Program was profiled on two local television news shows.

General David Petraeus of the United States Army has personally expressed his desire for the REACH Program to continue, recognizing the positive impact the program has on disadvantaged youth as well as the fact that the negative stigma diminishes when the U.S. troops are viewed as gift givers in conflict territories.

The following documents will detail the program and its goals:

How to Collect:

There would be no REACH program without the very special people that take time out of their own day to help collect items, they are the REACH ambassador's and REACH Volunteer Coordinators (RVC's).

The REACH Ambassador Program was started in 2005, there is NO age requirement, however all students have to have excellent grades. Junior High and High school age players have to have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.  There is a REACH Patch for the Ambassadors that participate, the outer black circle stands for the world and how there is darkness in the childrens lives around the world, then when REACH involves themselves in their lives there is a yellow circle for the sunshine that REACH brings and then finally the white circle with the REACH logo showing things going from black to white giving hope for the future.  The way an Ambassador is able to recieve the REACH patch is by meeting the following criteria:

  1. Having 100 or more hours of community service, the community service is not limited to just R.E.A.C.H. only. Ex. Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts, Church mission trips etc.
  2. 50 hours or more community service and raising a total of $500 cash for the R.E.A.C.H. Program
  3. 25 hours or more of community service and raising a total of $1,000 cash for the R.E.A.C.H. Program

Documents for Ambassadors are as follows:

With so many clubs all over the US, Rush has involved all of its partner clubs in the REACH program and having each club assign an RVC, the RVC's will act as the liaison between their respective Rush Soccer Club and the Director of Operations. The RVC will be responsible for organizing the collection of all used equipment and Rush Kits from all teams within such specified club and getting them shipped out to eithre the Rush main office in Littleton, CO or to a sister club they have partnered up with internationally. 

RVC's will find the below documents extremely helpful as they move forward with their collections but can also contact the Director of Operations, Michael Nicol, if you need any help with anything:

rush web

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