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10.20.10 - nt players 1 Where the trails of Passion and Purpose Meet, Begins the Path to…the US National Team

Since its inception in 1997, the Colorado Rush has been a powerhouse club on the girl’s side of the game.  With Nine US Youth Soccer National Championships and two US Amateur Soccer Association National Championships, Rush is a force to be reckoned with each year. In addition to great team success, Rush has always focused on preparing the individual for ‘the next step’ in their soccer career. For some this may be college, for others it is youth or full national team participation.


Dozens of talented Rush players have gone through the national team program including names like Aleisha Cramer, Marion Dalmy and Jordan Angeli. The most recent crop of Rush players currently in the National Youth Pools are Lindsey Horan (Center above, U17, U18), Gabbi Miranda (Back left - U15), Betsy Brandon (Back right - U14, U15), Jordan DiBiasi (Front left - U14) and Becca Rassmussen (Front right - U14).


Betsy, Jordan and Becca made their youth national team debut in early August when they attended the U14 National Development ID camp along with 97 of the best U14 girls in the country. All three girls were placed in the U14 National Pool and were called back to a training camp in September. Becca was unable to attend due to injury but Betsy and Jordan had another great showing. In fact, Betsy played well enough to be invited to U15 camp in November where she will train with fellow Rush player Gabbi Miranda who plays with the U16 Nike team. Gabbi will be attending her second camp with the 15’s.


Lindsey Horan is the most experienced National teamer of the five. In the spring, Lindsey scored 9 goals during CONCACAF U17 World Cup Qualifying to lead the US. Lindsey is also getting time with the U18 National team and is one of the most sought after players in the country when it comes to college recruiting.


Rush Director of Academy Wes Hart has coached all of these girls in the past 12 months and had this to say about each of the young talents:


“Becca has the unique ability to break down opposing defenses on the dribble. I think the only thing holding Becca back right now (besides injury) is her confidence. Right now, she does not realize how good she is or could be.I hope that her success at Man Cup/Gothia Cup and her recognition from the National Team Staff will aid in this.”

“Gabbi’s biggest asset is her versatility. Not only can she play anywhere on the field, but she can be an impact player anywhere on the field. Mike Dickey (U15 National Team Coach) first took notice of Gabbi at the Manchester United Premier Cup in 2009, when she was playing as a forward. A year later, he saw her as a holding midfielder and a left back and immediately felt that she could fit right in with his U15 National Team.”

“Betsy’s work ethic and passion for the game is incredible! I don’t know that a day goes by that you don’t see her at a training session somewhere. She doesn’t care whether she’s playing with the U16’s or U11’s, she just wants to play. She has wonderful feet and is very clean on the ball.”

“Jordan constantly plays with a smile on her face. She truly enjoys the game! I’ve not seen another 14 year old girl with her creativity and imagination on the ball. I can’t help but laugh in disbelief at some of the things she pulls out during games. She is growing more and more confident by the day.”

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