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Rush Soccer makes huge steps forward by the introduction of the Regional Technical Director

Since the first Rush Soccer merger happened in 2002 with Virginia Rush, the club has grown at an 10.15.12 - RTDs1impressive rate to a point now where we have 27 clubs nationally. 

The Rush has been built on the ability to service every member, with a fundamental philosophy being the use of Directors of Coaching to serve every team within the club.  As an organization, Rush has made the step to employ the same philosophy on a national level with the addition of three Rush Regional Technical Directors (RTD’s).

The RTD’s will be a conduit between the clubs in their region that they oversee and Rush Soccer.  They will be able to give advice, be a sounding board and be there to help promote the good news and assist with concerns to each individual club.  This is a huge step for Rush because this will give more attention to every club in the country.

As mentioned, there has been three coaches charged with this project, and these guys have been chosen due to their extensive knowledge of the Rush Way and their many years of experience within the Rush.

Dave Dengerink will be responsible for AR, GA, IA, KS, KY, MI, MO, HI, CO and WI.2012 10.09 - Dengerink Dave 
 Dave, who is a Rush Hall of Fame inductee, has been with the Rush from its inception  in the late 90’s in Colorado, before becoming the President and Technical Director of Virginia Rush, and now oversees the ECNL and DA teams at Texas Rush.  Dave is arguably the most experienced Rush coach in the country.

Arian Hoxha will be responsible for AK, PH, NM OR, WA, SO Cal., ID, Taos, VA and TX. Hoxha Arian - 09.13.12 Arian also started his Rush Coaching career in Colorado, before moving out to be the Technical Director of Hawaii Rush.  Arian has been involved in the Rush for over 10 years and there is very little that he has not seen in the progression of a club within Rush.

Matt Mittelstaedt will be responsible for MD, NJ, DE, NY, TN, FL and PA.  Matt who willMatt Mittelstaedt be transitioning from President and Technical Director of Arkansas Rush to take over the ECNL teams of Virginia Rush later this year has been instrumental in bringing up Arkansas Rush from a starter club to the very successful stage it is at now.  Many of the clubs in Matt’s region are new to the Rush and so Matt’s experience will be essential.

We are very excited to have these three guys be able to share their wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the country, and help their individual clubs avoid the mistakes that they made in the past as well as assist in their progression.

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