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Parents - welcome to your M.A.P. Our goal is to help you help your kids enjoy their journey and reach their destination. We will do this in various ways by educating you on important concepts related to their performance (5Cs) as well as through a process we call Potential-ing.

What are the 5C's? 

The goal of the Rush M.A.P. is to develop the “5cs” in our athlete’s parents and coaches.


The 5cs 
  • Commitment – refers to ones desire, determination, and persistence to accomplish a task – it involves giving 100% and making sacrifices
  • Concentration – refers to ones ability to focus or change their focus at key times
  • Confidence – refers to ones belief in ones self, of those around them, and of ones capacities and abilities
  • Communication – refers to ones ability to receive and provide effective information, and to interact with and influence those around them
  • Control - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control of ones emotions in a variety of situations, in various ways and through various means


But of course the question for parents is usually how do I know how much input is the right amount of input to ensure that my son or daughter reaches his or her potential.

Over the past few years I (Lee) have been doing a lot of work in the area of parent education – mostly because I am a parent of 3 sons that play soccer and I really wanted to get it right.   As a result I’ve put together an approach that gives a critical voice to the parent but also a vice to the player and coach. The idea is a process I call Potentialing

PotentialingTM – is the deliberate process of maximizing someone’s possible, yet to be realized, skills and abilities. It is progress along a continuum –not an absolute destination.

Soccer Parents involvement in soccer tends to be too often defined by stories of inappropriate behavior on the sideline during games involving their children.

Potentialing, however, recognizes contribution of parents and focuses less about ‘controlling’ parents and more about ‘engaging ‘them. It is something parents can do to ensure that their child’s soccer experience is a place for growth – both as a person and an athlete: it’s a great medium to learn life lessons.

Potentialing is more than just teaching or parenting, it is each of these but much more. It is a balance between a parent’s biggest role of simply being “there” and additional roles of helping them, from a parental vantage point, not a coaching one, reach their “possible” skills and abilities.

Potentialing = a plan.

Our plan centers around helping parents create a great environment. We use the medium of Play and the skills of Communication to help parents drive forward a child’s Confidence, Persistence and Motivation.  You will see 3 of the big 5 in here – Communication, Confidence and Commitment (persistence/motivation).  I used these 3 mainly, of course we will discuss Control as well as some Concentration, but these will play more of a part in the athletes role in performance versus ours as parents.  

In the book I provide descriptions of these 5 concepts, ideas on roles and responsibilities for parents, as well as provide examples of real life scenarios that might happen to parents and their kids during their child’s soccer experience.

Here is a way for you to buy the book on
Amazon or the e-book store

How we will use the book as well as other things to help you work with your children in soccer:

  • Items will appear biweekly or monthly for you to peruse
  • Potentialing
  1. We will provide ideas based on the concepts in potentialing for how to create a great environment for your kids to reach their potential.
  2. This will be done in the form of excerpts from the book, unique additional content from Dr. Hancock, videos to click on and more.
  3. Items will appear monthly
  • Articles
  1. We will provide articles about important ideas related to working with your child or about how others have worked with their child
  2. Links to web articles about parents involved in performance settings
  • Links to You Tube videos on parents involved in performance settings
  • A book section - Books will be periodically reviewed and recommended based on key traits that will help parents help their children reach their potential.
  • An “ask the expert” section
    • We are going to have a place for you to submit questions to our MentalSkills experts by clicking on the “Ask the Experts” button in your section. 
    • You will simply click on the button and type in your questions.  Then, once or twice a month one of our M.A.P. experts or special guests will create a video and read/answer some of the questions submitted.  You can view the video live or delayed as videos will be stored in the “ask the expert” section and can be viewed at anytime”. 
    • Questions can be anything from I don’t understand how to improve this skill or why do you think this player cant focus in big games, etc…
    • This section of the M.A.P. is under construction and will be available shortly…so keep checking back. 

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October/November MAP - Control of the Mind
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