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This months M.A.P. is about Control.  Specifically we are going to look at how to help you maintain control of your mind when you are under pressure.  Click through the PDF and check out some of the ideas.  
Also – check out these videos on youtube.  These links are also discussed in the pdf above…enjoy
  • This video is of Richie McKaw – Captain of the New Zealand 2011 World Cup winner in Rugby 

  • We have sown this video before  - but it bears repeating.  In this clip Zidane Zidane loses it!!! — 

  • Watch this link of what Arjen Robben has to say after his incredible Champions League performance vs BVB where he scored and assisted.
As a reminder - This months M.A.P. is about Control.  Here are a few other cool links and videos about control
·      This first one is a really good piece on control.  It is probably more for our older players as some of the ideas and concepts are a bit tought to grasp – but I encourage all players to take a look at see what Australia has to say about maintaining control under pressure -
·      These are a series of videos of the uswnt and pressure – enjoy and see how you think this helps you maintain control under pressure
o   What does Alex Morgan have to say…what did others say to her about playing on the big stage?
o   What does Megan Rapinoe say? do you learn to love it?
o   What does this one say…what are they saying about Pressure and ultimately control…what if there” were no pressure? …what are they saying about the “goodness of pressure? 
Again – I encourage everyone to check out the PDF for some helpful tips on control and learning to embrace pressure and stress

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