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The Votes Are In!


03.19.13 - Team Names PicIt’s been a long and sometimes bumpy ride, but replacements for the old Nike & Swoosh names have finally been voted upon! Thanks to all players, parents and coaches for your official submissions and votes. Your voice was heard loud and clear with plenty of ideas and valuable input.
Without further ado, by popular vote the new team names will be… COLORS! …And since we are a trailblazing, international club, we are adding our own unique twist: The colors below all represent the Rush brand along with the diversity of the players who make up Rush Soccer.
  1. Rush (ex: “Colorado Rush U17 Girls,” “SoCal Rush ‘99 Boys,” etc.”
  2. Nero (old Swoosh team, it means “Black” in Italian; ex: “Virginia Rush Nero” Pronounced: neh-ro, not nee-ro)
  3. Azul (3rd team, meaning “Blue” in Spanish Pronounced: ah-zool)
  4. Cinza (4th team, meaning “Grey” in Portuguese” Pronounced: Seen-sa)
  5. Weiβ (5th team, meaning “White” in German, Pronounced “vice”)
Thank you for all your input and support moving forward.  This is a great opportunity to differentiate our brand even more and allow Rush to move forward and expand. We hope you are excited to embrace these new names and represent the Rush well! 
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