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Danielle Foxhoven on Being Drafted to the WPS


foxhoven celebration_Colorado Rush alum Danielle Foxhoven was recently drafted to the Philadelphia Independence of the WPS. Danielle took a moment to share her draft day experience and talk about the future.


Rush Soccer: How does it feel to be drafted to be a professional Soccer Player?

Danielle Foxhoven: It feels amazing. I feel relaxed and very excited about it. I feel relaxed because I know there’s an opportunity out there and it feels good to be wanted. For my name to be in the top 23 players in the country is very exciting. I guess I’m just really excited for the opportunity.

You say you are relaxed now, what kind of nerves did you have on draft day?

I was really nervous. I was actually keeping up with the draft with a friend through Twitter and she asked if I was nervous? I told her that because the last two seasons that I had hadn’t gone too well, I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get drafted but at the same time I would be so bummed because I’ve been with the national team and been around. I felt I should be drafted but I was still really nervous as to if I would be or not. But it was a good relief and truly an honor to be drafted.

Going into the draft did you have an idea where you might be headed?

It was really up in the air. I had gotten an email previously from Philadelphia and that was the only letter I had gotten so I didn’t know if it meant they were interested in me or just inviting me to their combine or what.

What was your lead up to draft day?

Really all of the scouting comes through college game tapes and stats. Each team will have a combine after the draft that players will go to but it was strange. I never even got a phone call after I was selected. I got a text from the coach Paul Riley saying ‘Welcome to Philly’ and that was really it. So it’s been crazy. I’ll be going out to their combine in February.

foxhoven w_leagueWho was the first person you heard from after you got drafted?

My parents actually. I was actually on the phone with them as it was happening. They were just so proud and excited. This is what I’ve been working for forever so now that it’s finally here they were just so proud!

You are at U23 National Camp at the moment. How does it feel to be playing with that group?

It’s very exciting to be here. It’s given me a lot of confidence just to know that I am in with the 23’s and capable of playing good soccer and one of the top forwards in the country.

You’ve been out of the national team pool the last year or so, how do you keep the attitude to get back in?

You know I think last year was a bit of a down season for me I think the last year in general I’ve been in a bit of a slump so I think it’s definitely a building block for me and a confidence booster to know that even after a down season that I am still thought of as a top forward. The thing that keeps me motivated is my passion for the game. I’m not ready to be done yet. I’m not going to let a few bad seasons keep me down.

What do you know about Philly?

I know some of the players and some of my new teammates are actually here at camp. I’ve heard great things about the coach Paul Riley. I’ve heard he’s a great coach and led the team to the finals last year.

With the future of the WPS still up in the air, how do you approach this season?

I think first and foremost I have to take the year in steps. The WPS is still up in the air and no one knows what will happen so for me I need to take things day by day. First off is making the team. Even though I’ve been drafted, it does not guarantee me a spot on the team, there has not been any contract signed or anything. So after that then the goal is to get playing time then to be a starter. So I’m just going to take it goal by goal and achieve the first one first.

What words of advice do you have for the young girls in the Rush who hope to follow in your footsteps and play professional soccer?

I would say absolutely don’t forget that you are playing a game to have fun. You’ll go through ups and down but you want to keep playing this game because you love it. Don’t forget to have fun.

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