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10.19.12 - Kenya Rush 3The Republic of Kenya is commonly known by its safaris, the Lake Victoria and famed by the dominance in long-distance athletics. However, a new component is growing in this East African country: the passion for soccer. Talent, motivation, and the support of Rush Soccer are the best ingredients for Rush Kenya.

The actual situation of the club is encouraging because the soccer organization of the African country is taking a good direction. Isaac Soita, Rush Kenya Technical Director, recognizes: “We have started seeing the situation getting better, but we still have financial constraints to run a continuous league.” Therefore, Rush Kenya found another way to keep playing: “We are participating in holiday tournaments which are scheduled for April, August, and December,” remarks Isaac Soita.

Rush soccer recently sent equipment and soccer balls to Rush Kenya with the aim of helping one of our family members and collaborate with them to be a reference in the Kenyan soccer. It’s a long way, but they know exactly what they need: “First of all, we required equipment and soccer balls to develop our organization. We also need a solid structure and technical skills to create a sense of direction for the whole organization,” admits the Rush Kenya Technical Director.

10.19.12 - Kenya Rush 2Rush Soccer sent the gear and soccer balls trough Carson Nature Center, an organization from Denver which was planning to visit Kenya at the end of September. Rush Soccer President, Tim Schulz asked them about the possibility of delivering the donated equipment during their trip and Tess Creger, one of the travelers, accepted the task. “Isaac Soita came to Nairobi to meet us and to hand off the donated Rush soccer balls and uniforms,” says Philip Waltz, another traveler from Carson Nature Center. “It was great to meet Isaac and hear all of his accomplishments. All the activities that Rush Kenya has organized are huge positive opportunities for Kenyan youth,” adds Waltz.

However, Rush Kenya hasn’t distributed the soccer balls and equipment yet, because it could be a distraction for the Kenyan youth: “We couldn’t distribute the uniforms and soccer balls, because currently most of our players are preparing for the end of the year examinations,” admits Isaac Soita. “Once they are done with school, I’ll show them the uniforms and the rest of the material in our next tournament, and I expect an immense excitement,” informs the Rush Kenya Technical Director.

10.19.12 - Kenya Rush 1Rush Kenya is part of the Rush Family since 2010, time enough to establish solid aims to progress as a club. Isaac Soita reveals: “We want to be a stable club playing in 3rd division in Kenyan Leagues and establish a self-sustainable organization. In the future, Rush Kenya wishes to build a Rush Sports Center (Rush Sports Academy) where talents will be tapped, nurtured, and developed.”

Rush Kenya dreams big, because it already is the center of every child’s dream. With their potential and positive behavior, Rush Kenya will soon be the best team in the county, and the rest of Kenya at large. 

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