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Dec, 2018

Unity: Rush Core Value Highlight


A vital piece of The Rush Way is Unity, the core value highlight for the month of December. As every core value impacts every player and coach, unity can be found within Rush clubs and extends beyond the game to families.

Chicago Rush South Marketing Director and club parent Lisa Galt explains what unity has done for their club,

“We win together and we lose together...we have amazing comebacks together and we have frustrating losses together, but one thing that stays consistent is that we go through it together! Families come to this organization because there is a lasting impression of camaraderie on and off the field between our athletes as well as our parents.

There is a warm welcome to the "new" kid who is nervous about starting a new journey with a club that he/she knows no one on the team. We welcome that challenge of making each and every family feel they belong and have a special place within this organization. That is what builds a bond and creates a family.”

President and CEO of Rush Soccer Tim Schulz echoes similar evidence of unity on a team,

“I have seen teams that are not supposed to win, win, simply because they are together.  The good teams fight scrappy, fail, and succeed together. Nothing tears them apart. When you are a unit, you are a machine.  This applies to teams, clubs and staff.”

Unity influences staff, creating driven and purposeful people going with passion towards victory and the goals of the club. Jonella Rademacher, Operations Director for Rush Wisconsin West details unity in the workplace.

For me unity means being like minded in achieving goals with my club’s Technical Director and President.  We view ourselves as a three legged stool and we achieve much as long as all three legs are solid.”

The Rush Way unites all players, coaches, and parents to join Rush Soccer as a whole. Throughout the month, various perspectives will continue to weigh in on unity.

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