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Jun, 2019

California Rush - A Journey to Success


“After years of struggle and hard work, this branch is starting to emerge as one of our top clubs in a very important and difficult market with well established competition.” These are the words of National Technical Director Arian Hoxha about the journey of California Rush to success.

In 2014, Rush welcomed California Rush into the family, “and since then has done its best to continue to help players reach their full potential by providing opportunities locally as well as through Rush National,” says California Rush Director Gabriel Lucatero. And by the looks of their recent achievements, they’ve done an outstanding job of it.

“In our first year as Rush in 2014 we had our B97/98 finish as finalists in Surf Cup,” Lucatero stated. This was the club’s first taste of victory. It wasn’t until 2016 that one of the teams would once again place as a finalist, this time in a larger, national competition.

“Some of the local programs we have established throughout the years have been our Master Class program,” says Lucatero, “which allows us to gather the elite players from within California Rush and take them to participate in large tournaments.” One of these tournaments was the Dallas Cup, which the club participated in 2016 and 2017. Both years the club had finalists, in 2016 the B97/98 finished as a finalist and in 2017 the B98/99. The club also saw success at the Cal South National Cup that year, as their B98/97 Master Class finished as a finalist.


2017 also brought home the first championship for the club. The B02 team became the champions of the State Cup in the Presidents Division.  California Rush’s achievements, however, did not stop there. In the Manchester City Cup, their B05 finished as a finalist, while their B10 took home a championship. Back in April of this year, their B00 also took home a championship in the State Cup.

But, Coach Lucatero isn’t stopping there. He has a vision for California Rush to expand and for its players to go far in their soccer careers,

The plan I have for California Rush is to continue to grow here in Southern California and expand into the Central Valley Cities like Bakersfield, Visalia and Fresno which is where I was raised. I want to make sure we are doing our best to help players within our program continue to get as many opportunities presented to them whether it’s Rush National or our very own programs which we have established here locally. As a Scout for LAFC Academy one of the two MLS teams in Southern California I want to be able to help some of our players get into the LAFC Academy which currently is ranked #1 in the Nation.”

“What I enjoy most about being a Rush Director is being involved with all the teams within our organization and the opportunity to help our coaches along with our players work toward accomplishing their goals. What I feel sets Rush apart from all other clubs is the opportunities that are provided on an international scale,” finished Coach Lucatero.

The club has been finding their way to the top, year after year continuing to strive toward growth and success. “Gabriel and the staff have done a wonderful job of establishing generations of players that are competing at the highest levels now,” finishes Hoxha on their recent accomplishments.


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