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Jul, 2019

Western Region Center Recap - Rush Select


Over the past week, ‘05 and ‘06 Rush players from the Western Region traveled to play at Trail Winds Park in Thornton, CO to participate in trials for the Western Region Rush Select team. The Select Program allows players within the Rush organization to make a Regional Select team in the region in which they live. For the Western Region, this includes players all the way from Hawaii to Alaska in the west and Colorado and New Mexico on the eastern edge of the region to showcase themselves in a competitive training environment. 

Rush players were put to the paces by having 11v11 games in the morning hours and small sided games in the heat of the afternoon. 

After the opening day, players began playing with Rush players they were not as familiar with, as coaches evaluated play to see who could adapt to new situations and find a solid rhythm in their play. Transitioning into the afternoon sessions, players would be tested by having 5-a-side games with only a few hours of rest between the full sided and small sided games. Players were expected to maintain a high level of play throughout the day to showcase their skills and fitness.

Goalkeepers were able to showcase themselves in the afternoon session by having their own training catered to displaying their goalkeeping abilities. Crosses were sent in from different angles and their accuracy was tested while practicing long balls and goal kicks. Coaches were able to watch and evaluate the players in order to recruit the top talent in the Western Region. The Western Region team will compete in a tournament in Las Vegas at the end of October. Players from there will attempt to make the National Rush Select team (along with top Rush players from the Midwest, Northeast, and Southern Regions) to compete across the world against top talents in Europe and South America.

Overall, players enjoyed the week-long trials as they were able to play the sport they love and do it in a competitive environment. Many walked away having met new Rush clubmates from different states, while being reminded of the fun, passionate Rush Way culture many of them experienced just a couple years ago as U12 players at Rush Fest. 

Three more Centers are taking place to complete the first step in the process of creating Regional Select teams. 



July 27th - 30th

Berkshire School, MA

July 28th - 31st

National Training Center, FL

July 25th - 28th

Olympic Park, IL

July 22th - 25th

Trailwinds Park, CO

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