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Jul, 2019

Capelli Sport President George Altirs Now Majority Owner Of HB Koge


New York, NY (July 30, 2019) -- Earlier this month, Capelli Sport announced their President of international sportswear and team brand, George Altirs, is now the majority owner of HB Køge, a professional Danish football club. Through a major financial investment, Altirs will now hold ownership of 76 percent of the Denmark team. 

This is big news for the Rush pathway, as Capelli Sport partnerships exist across 25 countries worldwide, creating  “an internationally-woven network of player development initiatives that has led to proven opportunities for professional recognition,” it states in the Capelli Sport announcement. Rush players will benefit from Rush Soccer’s partnership with Capelli Sport as opportunities to be exposed to high levels of soccer across the world will continue to arise. 

Rush male players from the ‘01 and ‘02 birth years have received professional recognition from HB Køge. Six players from Brazil Rush, three from Miami Rush, and two from Hawaii Rush are going to Denmark to test their level of play, in hopes to sign a contract there and add to the roster of 19. 

HB Køge is playing at a new stadium ‘Capelli Sports Park’ that is still under construction and will be finished in the summer of 2020. This large project is working towards a stadium with updated facilities and a beautiful hall for indoor sports. The stadium is just west of Copenhagen and will boast a capacity of 4,000 spectators with 1,026 seats. 

An article announcing the new sports park states, “In addition to being the future framework for HB Køge's home games, Køge Sports Park will be much more than that. The sport is an important gathering factor for the city and the municipality of Køge - and good performance on the track, whether on the football field or in the hall, can contribute to creating positive attention for the city and the municipality.”

The city will continue to receive positive attention, as Denmark will host the Capelli Elite Cup in less than a week. This tournament will include Capelli Cedar Stars, HB Køge, Inter Allies FC (Ghana) and many other international teams. 

Rush’s direct connections to send players abroad to Europe is an important aspect of helping players reach their professional career goals. The Rush family pushes players to their highest potential, helping them play on pro teams abroad, or in the country that founded Rush, the US. 

Rush Soccer is excited about the expansion of Capelli Sport and cannot wait for what the future holds with soccer across the world.  

CEO and Sporting Director of HB Køge, Per Rud said, “We believe in good, honest work, and we are confident that we will realize the potential of every club and academy within the Capelli Sport network to create a pathway to professional football.”

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