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Apr, 2020

Calling All Seniors: Let the Combine Rush Soccer Academy help decide your future

Combine Rush Soccer Academy head coach Bob Reasso shared the following message with Rush Soccer high school seniors that are experiencing various challenges and uncertainties about their athletic and educational futures due to the public health crisis related to COVID-19. 

The Combine Rush Soccer Academy will highlight the efforts that the league, its players, coaches, clubs and fans are making to address important messages and programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hello Rush family, 

Are you a high school senior who has still not decided on what College you are attending next fall? Are you concerned that the NCAA has stopped all off-campus recruiting until at least April 30?  Unfortunately, the NCAA may extend that for another month or longer.

The Combine Rush Soccer Academy has a great solution for this problem. We are an elite boarding high school and college preparatory  school located in Charlotte, N.C. You can come to the Combine and complete one year of high-school post-graduate study, training to be a better player, improving your GPA, and preparing for your standardized college admission tests. A post-graduate year does not count against your college eligibility.

I am Bob Reasso, the Head Soccer Coach of Combine Rush Soccer Academy.  I am a two-time NCAA National Coach of the Year, who has coached more than 60 players who have gone on to play professionally in Major League Soccer (24) and around the world. I have coached for more than 30 years in the NCAA and have a network of college soccer contacts throughout the country. If you join us, I will train you and serve as your college counselor, helping you find the college or university that you can continue your academic and athletic career.

Enrollment includes housing, meals, tuition and fees. The cost for Rush players $17,000; non-Rush players cost $44,000. We offer financial assistance and athletic scholarships. Please visit our website and apply today.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Bob Reasso

Head Coach,

Combine Rush Soccer Academy

[email protected]


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