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Dec, 2020

Minnesota Rush’s Nisha Wetter, makes an impact & exemplifies Rush Soccer


Every member of the Rush Soccer universe knows the core values. There are 12 of them, and they are the pillars of the Rush Way. They’re easy to remember and hard to forget. The challenge for every Rush coach, player, parent, sibling and club is to embody the core values on and off the pitch.

“I’m so happy I get to share the story of my player, Nisha Wetter,” said Minnesota Rush U14 Blue girls coach, Kadie Jorgensen. “I have been coaching for more than nine years with more than 500 players, and have never experienced a player like Nisha before.”

Nisha Wetter’s 2020 has been just as challenging as anyone else’s: navigating middle school, extra-curricular activities, transitioning into high school, preparing for university and beyond, friends, family and the overwhelming chaos brought on by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Through it all, Wetter embodied the Rush Soccer Core Values in-stride. She is an example of Leadership and Enjoyment. She’s a resource for Advice and Passion. And she has been a constant in her team and club’s Unity.

“My fall team was a jumbled mix of U12-U14 players due to high school leagues,” Jorgensen said. “Nisha chose not to play high school, instead playing with the Rush club. She is leaps and bounds ahead of her teammates in terms of athletic ability, mentality and skill … but instead of letting that go to her head, or taking advantage on the field, she used her advantages to help her teammates improve. Everything I’m about to tell you Nisha did independently. We never asked her to step up or lead, she naturally had these abilities in her…”

As players arrived for training or matches, Nisha pumped them up with compliments and encouragement. She made sure every player was welcomed. 

“When we had a new player join the team part way into the season, Nisha made certain she felt welcome,” Jorgensen remembers. “If you ever came to a practice, you could distinctly hear Nisha screaming encouragement and advice to her teammates. There wasn’t a day that went by that Nisha wasn’t telling a struggling teammate ‘You got this, keep your head up,’ or ‘Let’s do this, lets master that left foot!’

“When the team was down, Nisha was the one to remind them on and off the field of how strong they were. After our first practice Nisha memorized the exos and led them every day. All I had to say was “Ladies, it’s time to start” and Nisha would get the team going in two lines, encouraging the teammates who struggled. During practice, Nisha made sure that she was partnered with each player throughout the session.”

 If one player struggled with a skill, she would pair with them to help them learn. But she wasn’t a coach to them, she never directly dictated or instructed; instead she celebrated when they made adjustments correctly that would ultimately lead to success in the skill. Typically, girls her age wanted to be with their best friends exclusively. Nisha always makes it a point to work with everyone.

Like every developing player, Nisha struggled from time to time and held herself accountable. She would get frustrated for mistakes, but you could see her take a deep breath and go back to cheering for her teammates. 

“Seeing her work firsthand is something that cannot fully be described,” Jorgensen said. “There is one situation with Nisha that brought many to tears. When the season was beginning, Nisha recognized she was one of the more experienced players on the team, and after every practice or game, Nisha would write down each player’s successes, funny stories, challenges they overcame, or any other positive moments. Toward the end of the season, Nisha hand wrote a letter to each of her 14 teammates and two coaches, each filled with the positive impact they had on her and the team. It took her almost two weeks to complete for everyone.

“Nisha is only 13-years-old and is already changing lives. She exemplifies the Rush Core Values without ever being asked or taught. I have no doubt that Nisha is going to change the world. I know she has already changed the lives of her teammates. Nisha has also changed my life for the better ... I never thought that as an adult woman, my role model would be an 8th grader, but here I am, telling you the amazing story of Nisha Wetter.”

Off the pitch, Wetter equals her impact. In the middle of the 2020 Fall Season, Wetter cut and donated more than 13 inches of her hair. 

She’s extraordinary. She’s a Rush Soccer player. She’s constantly looking to make the world a brighter place in any way she can.

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