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The Rush Club Level program is intended as a step by step blueprint of the development of a Rush Club. The program will enable Rush Soccer to help our clubs build a Rush formatted club through the progression of the Technical, Political and Administrative pillars of development. Each Club will start at Level 1 and will fulfill a number of requirements in order to move up to the next level. Once the requirements have been checked off by a National Technical Director (NTD) then the club will be approved to move on to the next level. The Club Levels program starts at a very basic level for a new club to get off the ground and the intent will be to build the club over the years to progress to a very high level to include a professional team, a multi-million dollar budget and international competition. For instance, Bayern Munich would be considered a top (Level 20) club. The other advantage of the program is that it will allow similar level clubs to communicate and interact with challenges and hurdles that are common to each. This will also allow more efficient communication between individual clubs as well as from the clubs to Rush Soccer.  For information on the requirements of each club level, please click here or click the corresponding hyperlinks on the levels in the table below.



Fulfilled level requirements and confirmed by NTD   100%
Progressing through level requirements and have communicated with NTD  75%
Have not communicated with NTD on current level progress  0%


Club Level Lead

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Alabama Rush

Brian Lux


Alaska Rush

Eli Ulvi


Arkansas Rush

Geez Rodgers


Arkansas Little
Rock Rush

Geez Rodgers


California Rush

Lucas Kim


Carolina Rush

Neil Orridge


Cascade Rush

Don Emerson

 Centennial Rush       

Chicago Rush

Michael Cockroft


Colorado Rush

Tim Schulz


Connecticut Rush

John Salvatore


Dallas Rush

Gerard Voutier


Delaware Rush

Scott Mosier


Florida Rush

Richie Gray


Georgia Rush

Juan Castellanos


Hawaii Rush

Arian Hoxha


Idaho Rush

Lee Riley


Iowa Rush

Paul Fabry


Kansas Rush

Daouda Kante


Kansas Rush

Adam Hunter


Kentucky Rush

Armando Cima


Maryland Rush

Steve Senna


Michigan Rush

Mark Zathey

 Minnesota Rush          

Mississippi Rush

Kenny White


Missouri Rush

Nick Teater


Gateway (MO) Rush

Joe Reiniger


Montana Rush

Lindsay Smith


New England Rush

David Suvak


New Jersey Rush

Dave Barbour


New Mexico Rush

Justin Sells

 New York City Rush     

Northern California

Ricky Garcia


Northern Colorado

Lynda McManus


North Denver

Elliot Prost



Kristian Bates


Phoenix Rush

Laila Modi

 Quad Cities Rush            

Rhode Island

Joe Dutra


Rush Pikes Peak

Matt Saul


So Cal Rush

Ramo Koffi


Southwest Virginia

Adam Ritchie


Taos Rush

Michael Hensley


Tennessee Rush

Paul Furlong


Virginia Rush

Matt Mittelstaedt


Washington Rush

Amy Mikulsky


West Texas Rush

Patrick Tapia


Wisconsin Rush

Ben John


Wisconsin West Rush

Nicole Lukic


Western Canada

Jazz Sohal


Office Info

Rush Soccer Club

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New York, New York 10016

Phone: 303-986-5200
Fax: (303) 986-5222


Mon-Fri: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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