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Rush Accountability Chart


Below is the Rush Soccer Accountability Chart: A chart that upholds the Rush Core Value of Accountability by helping clubs develop and grow.  The chart outlines the calendar year requirements from SPI to the partner clubs and are all important pieces of a club's operations over the course of the year.  The Accountability Chart will allow clubs to view requirements dates and deadlines in advance to help them submit information on time.  The chart will be color coded as seen below in the key to reflect the status of each requirement by State.  The Accountability Chart will tie in closely with the Rush Club Levels program.  Refer to the Partnership Rebate Chart to view clubs' savings through our Sponsors & Partners

Clubs are responsible for keeping their contacts updated in the SPI Club Dashboard. This is the one stop shop to find contact details about all Rush Partner clubs. Contact Holly Schulz if you need access.


 Club Cap1All RushSpring #sResist. FieldsSpring FeesSummt Attn.Select Noms Club Cap2UnisFall #sRegist. FieldsTourney DataCoach Gear Fall FeesIncent.Club Cap3TD ConCall
 Due 3/16/17  4/3/17   4/10/17 5/01/17 5/15/17  7/1/17 7/17/17  7/27/17  N/A  9/15/17  10/20/17  9/26/17  9/1/17  10/11/17  10/16/17 11/27/17 
ALAB                                  1/3 
ALAS                                 4/4 
ARKA                                  1/3 
ARKALR                                 1/3 
AZFL                                 1/3
AZPX                                 3/4 
CALA                                 3/3
CARO                                 1/3 
CHIC                                  1/3 
COLO                                   1/2 
CONC                                  1/1 
COND                                 1/2 
COPP                                 3/4 
CONN                                 4/4 
DALL                                 1/2 
DELA                                  0/2 
FLOR                                 4/4 
GEOR                                  2/3 
HAWA                                  1/3 
IDAH                                  4/4 
IOWA                                  3/3 
KANS                                 3/4 
KSWI                                 0/2 
KENT                                 0/2 
MARY                                 3/3 
MICH                                  2/2 
MINN                                  1/1
MISS                                 4/4 
MISO                                   3/3 
MOGW                                         3/3 
MONT                                 4/4 
NENG                                  2/3 
NJER                                  1/4 
NMEX                                        0/2 
NOCA                                 0/2 
NYOR                                  0/2 
ORGN                                 0/2 
PENN                                 2/2 
QUAD                                 0/0 
RHOD                                  2/3 
SOCA                                  4/4 
SWVA                                  2/3 
TAOS                                 0/3 
TENN                                  4/4 
TXWT                                  3/4
VIRG                                 4/4 
WASH                                 4/4 
WISC                                 3/4 
WISW                                  4/4 
CANA                                 0/2 


*A club's NTD has the authority to alter a grade with the program manager if need be.
** N/A above stands for Not Applicable. Club joined the Accountability Chart Program after N/A is listed above. All previous items are also considered N/A and will not be graded or counted against the club.


Completed by due date.  100%
Completed by deadline. 75%
Completed after deadline/Did Not Complete. 0%
Item Has Not Been Collected or Club Receives an N/A Not Applicable


View the 2016 Rush Accountability Chart.

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